What’s in my handbag? – Holly

Whats in my handbag - Holly

We love a curious peep into the content of other women’s handbags and make up bags. It’s fun comparing must-haves and favourite products and seeing a little glimpse into the essentials of other people’s lives!

So, for our new series, we decided to bring out our inner Mary Poppins and reveal the contents of our (many!) bags. From make up and accessories, to the gadgets that get us through the commute – come and have a good nosey at our essentials.

Holly: What’s in my Handbag?

Our fab writer Holly is kicking us off with a delve into her handbag…

The Bag itself

I love a backpack, especially for work. I can fit all my essential day-to-day things in it, including my lunch, and if I’m off somewhere after work on my bike, I can just pop it on my back and away I go. It’s burgundy, which means it’s perfect for autumn and winter and looks good with most outfits. I love the space in it and that I can shove some bits from the supermarket in it too (pay 5p for a plastic bag? No thank you!).

College Pocket Backpack, Accessorize, similar £35.00

Burgundy College backpack Acceessorize

Kindle Fire

I have had this beast for 3 years now and it has never let me down. I can surf the web, read all my books, play games and watch essential catch up TV all in one place. It has been to Iceland, New York, Boston and Malta with me, and has always been great in terms of battery life and has ample storage. This is my must-have gadget for the daily commute.

Amazon, £49.99

VIP Gem Stylfile

As a self-confessed nail polish addict, you wouldn’t think I used to bite my nails so low it actually hurt! Fortunately, I have reformed and now I won’t go anywhere without a nail file. I tend to get a pack of three from Boots when I’m passing, but my mum bought me this very blingy Stylfile for Christmas – which I am now in love with. Not only is it girly and cute, it actually does the job really well. They have lots of types, so have a browse.

Stylfile, £4.99

Portable charger

Modern day technology just can’t hold up against the good ol’ days of the Nokia 3310 (you haven’t charged it for 3 weeks and you are still on full battery? Nice.). But it’s ok, because another genius Christmas present (mum is on fire!) was this shiny, lip-shaped charger. It’s all I need when I am out and about and the phone battery is quickly draining. I carry this with me most of the time because my phone will always die when you least expect it. The lead has charging points for all types of devices too, including new and old iPhones and mini USB devices.

QVC, £18.00

Owls compact diary

Call me old fashioned but yes, I do have a paper diary. I am so bad at checking my phone calendar that this cute little paper one is perfect for getting out and planning on the move.

Paperchase, £4.50

Bareminerals Lipsticks & gloss

I usually have about 4 lipsticks/glosses in my handbag at any one time. At the moment I am loving the Bareminerals Marvellous Moxie range. A little bit sticky, but so nice and the colours are so definite. I got this Whimsical Wonders gift set off Santa which is lovely.

Bareminerals, from £16

Radley Heritage Dog Purse

I need a big purse to fit all my cards, loyalty cards and general fodder in. I saw these big ones from Radley and loved the amount of card space it has and the colour scheme when you open it up. It has so much space that you aren’t cramming everything in one zipped pouch. I also like the quality of the leather and you can tell it won’t go tatty for a long while. This pink one is in the sale too for £50.

Radley, RRP £69

So there we go. I could go on and on about my Percy Pig umbrella, Derma handcream and Impulse body spray but you get the idea of what I carry around with me in my bag!

What do you have in yours? Share with us @tweetjanes – and keep an eye out for the next handbag reveal in our series!