5 reasons to clean your make up brushes


How often do you clean your make up brushes? Most women clean theirs less than once a month, if at all. We too can admit to being very lazy about cleaning our brushes, but not cleaning your tools is a really bad idea. Not only could it cause mass breakouts, but it could also lead to viral infections. […]

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Winter Skincare Edit

Winter skincare edit Average Janes

In this cold weather, it’s vital to use winter skincare that’s going to hydrate and nourish dry skin. If your skin is in need of a boost, try out this night-time routine has proven to combine great beauty products to achieve maximum hydration. Removing make-up To remove make-up and act as the first cleanse in the […]

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Clean like a Queen – StylPro Brush Cleaner

stylpro brush cleaning

Earlier this year,we wrote about the importance of cleaning your make-up brushes. We mentioned the funky new gadget, the StylPro, which claims to wash and dry your make up brushes in 30 seconds. Well, just in time for Christmas, Holly got her hands on one – and she’s giving us her verdict. You might remember […]

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Halloween Makeup Inspo


It’s that wonderful time of year when you need to decide what to go as for Halloween. Will you opt for a simple scary Frankenstein or take on a creepy film character? For those of you who want to take your costume to the next level, we are here to help with some make-up inspiration. From creating […]

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Celebrity Makeup Ranges


We aren’t ashamed to admit that we love celebrity makeup ranges. With the abundance of choice these days, we find it makes choosing which brand to go for easier if it has a reputable face behind it. We’ve taken a look at some of the celebrity makeup ranges out there at the moment and have […]

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Summer Beauty Edit


We have rounded up a range of our favourite beauty products over the last few months, including a mixture of awesome skincare, nails and make-up brushes! Summer Beauty Edit Rhian rounds up some of the top summer beauty products that have made it into her make up bag must-haves this summer. Luna Oil by Sunday […]

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Loud and BROWed

Brows on Fleek

Make up and fashion styles are constantly changing but a trend that we are still loving here at Janes HQ are big, beautiful brows! Two of our writers, Nell and Holly, have collaborated on a piece to help you achieve the brows of your dreams. Brows On Fleek Nell and Holly share their top products […]

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Budget vs Blowout: Coral Lipstick

Budget vs Blowout coral lipsticks

Bright, perky coral lipstick is a perfect summer shade – but we’ll be the first to admit it can be tricky to pull off. Depending on your skin tone you may want something more pinky, or more red-orangey to get that coral pop of colour. Luckily, there’s a range of smokin’ hot coral lipstick shades […]

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Dare to Bare this summer: PURE skincare

PURE skincare product review

With an English summer actually happening, the ‘dare to bare’ beauty look is more of a necessity to stay comfortable, than a catwalk copy. PURE skincare products contribute to the excellent prep and TLC often required for that no-make-up confidence. We’ve been giving them a try – check out our review below. PURE at Home […]

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Treat Yo’Self! Our beauty splurges

Top beauty splurges

Let’s be honest, the British summer so far is a bit miserable and the news headlines are pretty grim – sometimes, we find we need a good old fashioned pick-me-up in the form of a pleasingly-packaged beauty product. Something a bit treaty that you enjoy pulling out of your make up bag on the train or in a restaurant. […]

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Festival survival tips: before, during, after

Average Janes festival survival tips

Chances are you’re super excited to be getting off to a festival this summer. Obsessively refreshing your weather app, whats-apping your mates to co-ordinate supplies of cereal bars and debating whether you really do need that extra t-shirt (let’s be honest, you probably won’t). Top Festival Survival Tips So we thought we’d share a few […]

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What’s in my handbag? – Nell

Whats in my handbag Nell

We’re a curious bunch here at Janes HQ. So to continue our series of having a good old nose into each others’ must-haves, Nell steps up for the second round. What can’t she live without? What beauty products does she have on hand at all times? Have a read below! From make up and accessories, […]

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