Your daily beauty trend fix – from brand new beauty products to the hottest hair styles. Skincare, nail trends and the latest make-up looks – we try it all and share our thoughts with you! Whatever your beauty style and budget – from high street bargains to designer brands – we’ve got tips and techniques for creating the perfect look.

The Make-Up Removal App That Shames Women


A new app has just been released claiming to be able to digitally remove make-up. It’s called MakeApp, and the app’s main feature is being able to ‘add or remove make-up’ from a photo or video of anyone’s face. The app has polarised opinions online, with many arguing it simply body shames women. While most […]

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Halloween Makeup Inspiration 2017


It’s our favourite time of the year when we can go all out with our make up in the name of Halloween. But if you’re feeling a bit stumped for ideas, have no fear! Just like last year, we’ve handpicked some of our favourite make-up tutorials on YouTube to inspire you to get in the mood! From horror […]

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Nude by Nature: Summer Must Haves


Now that summer is finally here to stay, we’ve been on the hunt for the best make up to keep us looking like natural Bondi bronzed beauties. If like us, you opt for high-performing natural formulas that provide a beautiful finish, then you must try out Nude By Nature’s extensive beauty collection. For as long as we […]

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Festival Hair Inspiration


If you’re heading to a festival this summer, we dare you to go wild with your hair and do something different! With all of the great products on the market these days you wouldn’t need to make it a permanent change either, just a temporary bright and fun alteration! You could just put your hair […]

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Protein: The Surprise Boost to your Beauty Regime


We’re just as shocked as you are that protein could be helpful towards your beauty regime. But we’ve done the research and it’s true! Protein might just be the missing piece of the puzzle that helps you have beautiful skin, healthy nails and hair and we’re going to tell you how. So why is protein […]

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Natural ‘Superfood’ Skincare: Cado Naturals


Ethical and natural skincare seems to be rising in prominence within the beauty world, typical skincare products with multiple ingredients that no one can pronounce are being shunned for more organic and natural alternatives. We’ve all read about the health benefits of superfoods such as coconut oil and avocados, proving once again that simplicity is […]

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5 reasons to clean your make up brushes


How often do you clean your make up brushes? Most women clean theirs less than once a month, if at all. We too can admit to being very lazy about cleaning our brushes, but not cleaning your tools is a really bad idea. Not only could it cause mass breakouts, but it could also lead to viral infections. […]

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10 eyebrow products you need to buy


Brows are one of the most important features on your face and there’s no better compliment than when someone says your brows are on point! So finding the perfect product to use on them is essential. While some of us suit soft powders set with gels or waxes, others get better brows with pencils or a felt […]

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Winter Skincare Edit

Winter skincare edit Average Janes

In this cold weather, it’s vital to use winter skincare that’s going to hydrate and nourish dry skin. If your skin is in need of a boost, try out this night-time routine has proven to combine great beauty products to achieve maximum hydration. Removing make-up To remove make-up and act as the first cleanse in the […]

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All-natural beauty all stars

natural beauty all stars

At this time of the year, we can often do with a little pick-me-up for skin which has been subjected to cold winter days and being blasted by central-heating. Not to mention the added effort of dragging ourselves into the shower in the dark mornings! Our all-natural beauty all stars So we’ve picked a few of our […]

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