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Sponsored Content

We do accept sponsored content and paid guest posts on the condition that it meets our Editorial Policy.

Any paid or sponsored content will be marked as such and it will be obvious that it is sponsored, out of respect and transparency with our readers.

Banner ads

We currently don’t have any banner ads on our website, and don’t intend to add any.

However, we might, on occasion, add text links to sponsored content, which would be visible on all pages of the site. Such links will be clearly identified and marked as sponsored.

Affiliate marketing

If you are a brand that does have an affiliate marketing program, which you believe might be a good fit with our audience, let us know.

We will review your program and your offers. If we believe it is a good fit for our audience, we will get in touch.

Affiliate articles might be in the form of product reviews, interview with the brand founder (especially if this is an average Jane, doing not so average stuff), product presentation and such.

We value unique and different content.

Any affiliate content will also need to meet our editorial policy and be marked as such.

Social media promotion

We do have a large following on the following social media platforms:

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

If you are interested in a social media shout out, let us know. We are once again, looking for unique interesting content that will meet our editorial policy.

Any sponsored post will be marked as such.

Brand collaboration

If your brand offers something unique, different and would like to do a collaboration, let us know, we’re always open to different partnerships that would be beneficial to both our brands.

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