Protein: The Surprise Boost to your Beauty Regime


We’re just as shocked as you are that protein could be helpful towards your beauty regime. But we’ve done the research and it’s true! Protein might just be the missing piece of the puzzle that helps you have beautiful skin, healthy nails and hair and we’re going to tell you how.

So why is protein so magical? Well, alongside strengthening your body and helping with cell regeneration – particularly after a workout – protein can also affect your beauty regime, for that very same reason. Put simply, protein helps to build cells and tissues and, in turn, that helps with everything from glossier hair to picture-perfect skin that’ll make you the envy of all your friends.


What’s the best way to get protein into your system? Well, everything from protein supplements to lean meats and vegetarian alternatives could provide ways to boost your intake of the good stuff. But by far the quickest way to increase your protein intake is through supplements.

A recent study by Voucherbox took a look at the impact a regular exercise routine coupled with supplement MyProtein could have on three average Joe (and Jane!) office workers. After a 12-week period, the participants all saw positive changes to their body shape and muscle definition, thanks to the benefits of their additional protein intake.


A wide range of different foods, suitable for both meat-eaters and vegetarians, contain plenty of protein. According to guidance from the Department of Health, women should avoid consuming much more than 45g of protein a day (men should look to consume 55g).


This figure may seem quite high, but thankfully it’s easy enough to reach this guideline amount. BBC Good Food advises that eggs, milk, yogurt, soya, fish and seafood, chicken and turkey, and beans and pulses are all great sources of protein. Now before you think upping the amount of protein in your diet might leave a big hole in your pocket, the majority of protein-rich foods don’t cost the earth, so you won’t end up paying more for your weekly shop. Hooray! GOOD HAIR DAYS

Some of you might already know that without a certain type of protein – keratin – hair can’t grow, so that’s why if you want luscious lengthy locks, it’s helpful to incorporate more into your diet. You don’t want brittle, dull-looking locks and you especially don’t want to speed up any hair loss, if possible. So it’s good to start thinking about the ways in which your diet could impact on your health and wellbeing.



That’s right! Protein can slow the aging process. A study by renowned Harvard University revealed that protein helps increase blood flow to the skin, which helps to boost cell regrowth and the rejuvenation of the skeletal muscle. Scientists have also found that protein can help fight the ageing process by reducing the effect free radicals and harmful toxins have on the skin.


So whether you look into protein supplements or making small changes to your everyday diet, we think you’ll really notice the impact additional protein could have on your overall appearance. Give your body a bit of TLC and make protein an essential part of your beauty regime moving forward and we honestly believe you’ll see a great effect on your skin, hair and nails. So go on girls, get that healthy glow you’ve always dreamed of!

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