Protein: The Surprise Boost to your Beauty Regime


We’re just as shocked as you are that protein could be helpful towards your beauty regime. But we’ve done the research and it’s true! Protein might just be the missing piece of the puzzle that helps you have beautiful skin, healthy nails and hair and we’re going to tell you how. So why is protein […]

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Natural ‘Superfood’ Skincare: Cado Naturals


Ethical and natural skincare seems to be rising in prominence within the beauty world, typical skincare products with multiple ingredients that no one can pronounce are being shunned for more organic and natural alternatives. We’ve all read about the health benefits of superfoods such as coconut oil and avocados, proving once again that simplicity is […]

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Winter Skincare Edit

Winter skincare edit Average Janes

In this cold weather, it’s vital to use winter skincare that’s going to hydrate and nourish dry skin. If your skin is in need of a boost, try out this night-time routine has proven to combine great beauty products to achieve maximum hydration. Removing make-up To remove make-up and act as the first cleanse in the […]

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All-natural beauty all stars

natural beauty all stars

At this time of the year, we can often do with a little pick-me-up for skin which has been subjected to cold winter days and being blasted by central-heating. Not to mention the added effort of dragging ourselves into the shower in the dark mornings! Our all-natural beauty all stars So we’ve picked a few of our […]

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Sheet Masks: trying the trend

Sheet masks for face

After reviewing the latest face masks recently,  Sophie found out that the latest face mask trend if you really want to be on it is sheet masks. What is a sheet mask we hear you cry?! Basically, it’s a bit of papery cloth to spread over your face – think wet wipe with face mask […]

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The Ultimate Face Mask Guide


Sophie turns her excellent guide skills to a bit of face mask skincare. Much needed at this time of year with the changing colder seasons, annual onslaught of the office colds and sneezes, and central heating starting to dry out our skin. Read on… The Ultimate Face Mask Guide I tend to think face masks […]

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Dare to Bare this summer: PURE skincare

PURE skincare product review

With an English summer actually happening, the ‘dare to bare’ beauty look is more of a necessity to stay comfortable, than a catwalk copy. PURE skincare products contribute to the excellent prep and TLC often required for that no-make-up confidence. We’ve been giving them a try – check out our review below. PURE at Home […]

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Speedy moisturisers for busy women

Moisturiser edit Average Janes

Let’s face it, who has time to lovingly moisturise their entire body every morning or evening? Not us, that’s for sure. We love the idea, but it just doesn’t happen. Of course, on the few times we do manage, it feels divine and we promise to do it every day (and then promptly forget). But never […]

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Festival survival tips: before, during, after

Average Janes festival survival tips

Chances are you’re super excited to be getting off to a festival this summer. Obsessively refreshing your weather app, whats-apping your mates to co-ordinate supplies of cereal bars and debating whether you really do need that extra t-shirt (let’s be honest, you probably won’t). Top Festival Survival Tips So we thought we’d share a few […]

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SK-II: #ChangeDestiny campaign

SK-II #changedestiny

In an exciting new campaign, P&G’s SK-II skincare brand seeks to empower and support women to have confidence and control over their lives to change their destiny, whatever external pressures they may be facing. The campaign uses strong female role models to encourage women – young and old – to break gender stereotypes, defy age […]

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Sensio Spa: Sonic Facial Cleanser Review


With spring finally here, it’s the perfect time to take control of your beauty regime. We’d all love fresh, glowing skin and now, thanks to the fantastic Sonic Facial Cleanser from Sensio Spa, we are one step closer. If you are on the hunt for a product that will remove dirt and leave you with gorgeous radiant skin, […]

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Apres-Ski Skincare

Apres-Ski Skincare

After a day zooming and shoop-shooping down the slopes, the ravages of wind, cold and snow can mean that our skin is left yearning for some much-needed TLC. True, we’re usually bundled up pretty tight for a day on the piste, but the parts that do get exposed – face, lips and occasionally hands as […]

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