The rise of Prosecco has well and truly captured the hearts and palettes of many an Average Jane. Its ability to be drunk at any occasion means it flies off the shelf in sometimes a scary fashion. (Remember the ‘Prosecco will be extinct storyline’ of 2015? So do we! Awful times.)

Let’s get Fizzical: one bottle, six ways

It also offers a Jane a certain air of grace and style (when certain dance moves, perhaps, do not).

With an overwhelming choice at our fingertips we did the hard work for you and found our fave… A beautiful and charming Italian.

Bisol Prosecco DOC from Tesco’s Finest range is an award-winning fine sparkling wine with light, fresh flavours and boasts an impressive all-round taste. Sold at under a tenner – just £8 a bottle.

Six Prosecco Cocktails

As Prosecco is a hot contender to put cocktails out of fashion, we decided to blend the two marvels together and tell you all about it. One bottle. Six ways.

1. The Bizz

  • 50ml Chambord
  • Handful of raspberries

Pop the Prosecco in first so the Chambord mixes well then add raspberries for decoration (and fun!)

The Bizz Prosecco cocktail

2. Prosecco Porn

A fizzy spin on a our favourite Martini

  • 25ml Vanilla Vodka
  • Innerds of 1 whole passionfruit
  • Glug of orange juice

All in, add the fizz and spin.

(We attempted to light the shell, but that comes with a warning!)

Passionfruit Prosecco cocktail

3. Portesecco

Who doesn’t love a cheese and port night! So we created this one with exactly that in mind.

Nice and simple: half Prosecco, half port.

Drink with cheese. We recommend, lots of cheese.

Portessco cocktail recipe


4. Mojito Royale

Your Ultimate Mojito but replace the soda for Prosecco…so, so good!

Mojito Royale

5. Eton Mess

Liquid dessert on form.

  • One egg white
  • 0ne tablespoon of white sugar
  • Handful of raspberries & blueberries

– Muddle the berries and squish to the bottom of the glass

– Pour over the Prosecco leaving some room at the top

– Whisk the egg white with the sugar in a small bowl (think bingo wings, go for it girl!)

– Spoon the egg white mix on the top


Eton mess Prosecco cocktail

6. The ElderflowerClassic

A total classic. The Audrey of Prosecco-cocktails.

  • 25ml of Elderflower liqeur
  • Add the Prosecco


Elderflower and prosecco cocktail

NB: no actual measuring was taken during this exercise. Free-hand it, girls. You know what you like.

Bisol DOC Prosecco is available from Tesco for £8 a bottle.

So there you have it – one bottle of Bisol Finest Prosecco, six delicious cocktails to enjoy!

Trying one out? Share a pic with us – @tweetjanes.

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