After a series of events here at Average Janes we can’t stop thinking about how much we love men’s fashion for women!

Brave the Boys Fashion

It started when we recently bought an amazing bleached denim jacket from the mens section in Primark, which works incredibly as an oversized summer jacket and which we pretty much haven’t taken off the whole time we’ve had it, then we were further inspired after seeing a divine mens jumper by Judge & Jury that we basically wanted to steal.

Our feeling is that this ‘boy joy’ stems from the ‘boyfriend jean’ phenomenon that has become uber trendy, it’s been inspiring us to hunt through not only our side of the shop, but to venture into the unknown world of the mens side (just to clarify we have visited this side previously whilst searching for gifts but it’s a whole new experience when you’re hunting out pieces for your own wardrobe).

A lot of you fashionistas out there are probably thinking this is old news but believe us, for those of you who haven’t yet tried the mens section…it’s a world full of wonder.

The thing is not to be intimidated by the fact it’s ‘not for girls’ and walk around with the usual prowess you’d have in Primark when you start stripping off next to a free mirror as the queue for the changing room is just too long. Wear oversized and roll up the sleeves on a relaxed summer evening, with a blanket and a beer.

So go on girls, take a walk on the wild side and take on the boys!

These are some of our fave mens gems that we’ve found whilst rummaging through the other side of the shop!

Primark bleached denim Jacket & skull tshirt

Judge & Jury check jumper

WESC Rabbit Jumper

Tickled your fancy?


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