Canadian artist Sean Williams (no, not that one!) has cleverly utilised song lyrics to create the faces of some of the most famous urban artists in the world. The key is in the negative space, and presumably selecting the right lyric/phrase for the right feature of the face.

Word Art by Sean Williams

They have the potential to jazz up any contemporary room with a bit of cool, and at £9.48 for a small poster (415mm x 590mm) , £14.58 for a medium poster (592mm x 840mm) and £25.57 for a large (838mm x 1190mm) they offer great value. And if you don’t just want the print, you can also get hold of framed prints and on canvas too.

Either way, we like these! Can you guess who they all are?


And for all you TV fans there are even a couple of special ones for you with famous phrases!


Tickled your fancy?



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