Cadbury’s Are Opening a Creme Egg Camp in East London


You may have heard on the rumour mill that Cadbury’s have been teasing white-versions of the Creme Egg. Yes, Creme Eggs filled with fondant but made with WHITE CHOCOLATE instead of boring-old milk chocolate. Around 371 have been hidden randomly in shops around the UK and if you win one, you can win a prize of up to £2,000 prize as well as the Holy Grail egg.

But there may be an easier way to get hold of the white chocolate Creme Egg as Cadbury’s are celebrating ‘Creme Egg Hunting Season’ by opening their very first Creme Egg Camp pop-up in Old Street, London. The Camp will be replacing the much loved Café that Cadbury’s set-up in 2016, but will still be serving an array of Egg-inspired snacks.

There are four ‘dishes’ on offer: Creme Egg cookie, Creme Egg cake, a Creme Egg toastie (literally melted Creme Egg in a toasted sandwich) and a Creme Egg ‘fongoo’, which exactly what you think; a hot melted Creme Egg with breadsticks or fruit for dipping.


As you make your way through the woodland of the Creme Egg Camp, visitors will follow the sound of a crackling campfire and find Eggsplorers’ HQ, a giant nest which has ‘the biggest Creme Eggs you’ve ever seen!’ There’s also a tree house to climb up, a slide to whizz down, and Cadbury’s promise there are white chocolate Eggs hidden on site.

The Cadbury’s Creme Egg Camp opens Friday 19th January until Sunday 18th February at the Last Days of Shoreditch, 288 Old Street, EC1V 9LA. Entry is £5 but 100% of the proceeds will go to The Prince’s Trust and you’ll get one treat off the menu for free too! Head over to the Creme Egg Camp Eventbrite Website to book tickets.