So I hear on the grapevine the beautiful Leona Lewis is the new face of one of my favourite brands, The Body Shop. Following in her vegetarian footsteps whilst travelling Asia, I now have a newly found respect for the meat deprived superstar.

Top 3: Body Shop Buys

To me The Body Shop has always been, and remains a faithful high street friend. Their ‘against-animal-testing’ ethics and does-as-it-says-on-the-bottle consistency aids in justifying my often rather large splurges. The recent EU Ban on all beauty related animal testing is in full stream. I, like Leona, for one agree with this but it does, of course, pose the question of beauty related human testing! (If they are looking I’ll do it for a really big goody bag!).

Rare to find a High Street without one and its enticingly fresh smell, The Body Shop Online actually offers some pretty fab discounts too. Check it out now for a rather delicious 35% off on orders both in-store and online.

When the boss catches you having a sneaky peek, you can simply flutter those long lashes and say you are doing your ethical duty!

So here are my 3 top Body Shop buys, tried and tested, on me!

Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream – £11 for 50ml
This leaves my skin feeling perky and pore-perfect. It is nice and thick so it lasts for ages as you only need a pea sized portion. I use it around my eyes, cheeks and neck every night and do full face coverage a couple of times a week. Fab for super nourishment in the winter and summer seasons.

Tea Tree Pore Minimising Moisturiser – £7.50 for 30ml
I would actually recommend you the entire Tea Tree range, especially if you have combination skin or like me are prone to a few break outs every month. After trying a few top-range pore minimising products, particularly on my nose and chin, I have to say this is the only one I have noticed any difference with. Although it is scientifically proven nothing you do can reduce pore size, this allows pores to stay clean and therefore, visibly, pores appear reduced.

The moisturiser is soft and light and I use it as a base before make up application or if I’m going bare this provides a matifying and fresh faced base for the day. Best time for application is after a shower so skin is warm and pores are open to be cleansed. I also use it after a full night time face scrub, pre night cream application. Been using it religiously for near 6 months now and my skin has never looked better to me.

Cocoa Butter Body Butter – £13 for 200ml
An array of delightful flavours to indulge in but my favourite is the classic Cocoa Butter. This is a rich and super nourishing moisturiser to give your entire body a total treat. Can get handbag sized ones but I find the big ones fit comfortably in my glove compartment for a quick hand spruce upon each exit. Keep that sassy pair of driving gloves locked up in there, no need with your soon to be silky smooth mits! I do not recommend pre-journey application, tried and tested, steering becomes pretty tricky! Great for presents too for those what-to-get-them moments!

So there are my Body Shop best buys but the choice is extensive and the products are available for every skin type you can think of. They also have a brilliant men’s range!

Watch the sensational vocal chords of Miss Lewis in action in her Cruelty Free Beauty Gig. If you are taking a sneaky peek at work, turn the sound down!

Where do you ladies stand on the subject? If you went through your make up bag, would you stop buying some of your favourites if they were tested on poor furries? Are The Body Shop’s grand morals enough to convince you to open your purse? Tell us below or tweet us @tweetjanes.

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