So you’re probably thinking, what does a girl who drives a banged-up car know about cars? Well not a lot, but that won’t stop me giving my opinion. So when Ford asked Average Janes to join them in Munich to try the brand new Ford Edge, how could I say no?

Munich, Bavaria: Ford Edge Drive

Off-roading, mountains, Munich rush-hour traffic and rain – oh, so much rain. Check out what it’s like to drive the new Ford Edge.

Day One: Ford Edge Titanium

At Munich airport we were greeted by a fleet of Ford Edge cars and the Ford team, who willingly gave me the keys to a car. They obviously haven’t heard about my daily battles with UK roads…

I like big boots, and I cannot lie

The first thing you notice about the Ford Edge is the size, it is a big, intimidating thing. There is so much space in the boot it could easily transport a family’s worth of possessions, great for a skiing or camping trip.

We headed off in the Ford Edge Titanium, a manual drive, 2.0 litre engine, cruising through the Bavarian countryside, and trying out the off-roading capabilities. Despite rain-slippery roads, the Edge handled the conditions perfectly and trees were narrowly avoided with the help of multiple sensors.

Buttery pretzels (and hands-free controls)

We arrived at Hohenkammer Castle, learning that Ford have worked hard to reduce noise within the car, whilst keeping the sounds you want, such as conversation or music – a real masterstroke. Another nice gimmick is that you can open the car boot by waving your foot under the car, handy when your hands are full with shopping or children! Lastly, I learned that a salty pretzel with butter in the middle is the only way to eat a pretzel. Thank you, Germany.

Ford Edge Titanium

Turn up the tunes: noise elimination

Equipped with new knowledge, I was looking forward to getting back in the car to test things out (i.e. prod some buttons and see what happened). The next journey leg was driving in Munich rush-hour traffic to the beautiful Hotel Sofitel. It felt quiet within the car, even with the traffic outside, definitely making it a more relaxing drive. A lovely little feature was having a speed limit display clearly presented in front of you; great if you are prone to forget or driving on unfamiliar roads.

We finished at the Kuffler restaurant in central Munich – great meal and wine, accompanied by a surprise performance from Kelvin Jones.

Day Two: Ford Edge Sport

After a delicious breakfast, we picked up the Ford Edge Sport – the 6-speed, automatic Edge, with a sizeable sunroof, and drove to the Wallberg-Panoramastreet at the Tegernsee, putting the car through its paces on the open, quiet roads.

Cheesecake and clever navigation

After climbing into the mountains, we made our first stop for coffee and cheesecake. It was only 10.30am, but I’m not the kind of girl to refuse cake when it’s offered. This tactic paid off – one of the best cheesecakes I’ve ever tried.

Back in the heated passenger seat, I tested one of my favourite features of the car – the integrated navigation system. It was easy to use and didn’t interfere with my concentration. Other features include a Sony music system, including a Kelvin Jones’ playlist. (Clever marketing guys, well done.)

Ford Edge Sport

Beers and beautiful landscapes

Our last stop was the Apinger private brewery, where the weather cleared and we got a peek of the beautiful landscape. We were treated to a beer-inspired three course menu, including beer foam ice cream (surprisingly delicious).

Our driving was done for the day and we waved goodbye to the Ford Edge cars. A really quick trip to Munich, but thank you Ford for having me!

Verdict: a stylish, sporty SUV

The Ford Edge is a stylish SUV, which would be ideal for families requiring extra space and comfort. If safety is a high priority, then the Ford Edge has many features for a safe and comfortable drive, including the rear view camera, lane detection and speed limit warnings. The car dealt with a range of conditions and the active noise control is a brilliant addition that Ford have mastered perfectly.

Both the Ford Edge Titanium and Sport are priced from £29,995.

For more information on the Ford Edge, check out your local Ford dealership.

What do you think of the Ford Edge? Let us know if you’ll be giving it a test drive – @tweetjanes.

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