Emotion to Vacation


Emotions are the force of life, even our holidays are being dominated by our feelings in 2013, with travel trends showing holidays are no longer booked exclusively on star rating of a hotel, but are chosen to satisfy a particular emotional need. So when emotions come into the way decisions are wired – what’s really driving your holiday this year?

The Spiritual Jane

Whether it’s headspace you require after a messy break up, time away from career stress or just a chance to recharge your batteries, a break can’t come soon enough. With new research proving burnout can increase your chances of a heart attack by 80%, it’s no surprise tourists are recognising the importance of engaging their minds, treating their bodies and nurturing their souls. For a true spiritual awakening, we recommend the beautiful Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort in Costa Rica, or for those on a budget, the Stobo Castle nestled in Scotland’s beautiful borders countryside.


The Romantic Jane

If the Spice Girls promise of two becoming one is a distant dream and you’ve forgotten the last time you had rampant sex, it’s probably important to schedule some time with the one you love. With travel trends proving that holidays of uninterrupted time together are on the increase; don’t underestimate humans’ battle for affection (and orgasms) in 2013. For those who like it hot we recommend the Royal Davui Island in Fjii, or for something a little more affordable, try the Alchymist Grand Hotel & Spa in Prague.


The Cocktails and Dreams Jane

Women 34% more likely to travel in a group than men, it seems we’re putting female bonding on top in 2013. Sunshine and good times leading the way; the Average Jane is mixing a cocktail of indulgent leisure facilities, sun terraces and entertainment to create a vacation of cocktails and dreams. Why not choose a stay in the Waldorf Astoria in Chicago? Besides luxury accommodation, the city of Chicago offers vibrant nightlife, Michelin-starred dining, boutique shopping and it’s very own beaches!


The Escapist Jane

Whoever said running away from your troubles isn’t the answer, clearly never tried it. If you’re struggling to see the wood for the trees in 2013, getting away can help put life into perspective, which is why more of us are opting for the greatest of escapes this year! We recommend the social resort of Bandara in Thailand’s Koh Samui, which perfectly combines day time activities with the lovely restaurants and night life of Fisherman’s Cove.


The Queen of Everything Jane

We like our holidays how we like our men – fun, entertaining and able to satisfy our every need. When a man can’t step up to the mark, a holiday always can and in 2013 we’re not happy to settle for anything less than the best. We recommend Kata Than in Phuket as the ideal resort for the Jane who wants it all. Complete with wonderful beaches, half dozen swimming pools, restaurants, bars and more, this won’t disappoint!


If you’re happy, sad, angry or mad, never has there been a better excuse to book the holiday of the year. If you’re willing to let emotions not money guide your holiday decisions this year, you might just have the time of your life – release your inner emo!