Most Amazing Treehouse Hotels


Treehouses. Once thought of as the sole domain for Goonies and Ewoks, the magical place that is the treehouse holds fond childhood memories for the majority us. Well now, for the big kid adventurers looking for a unique travel experience, you can live the magic all over again.

And better yet, the grown up treehouse is a wonder all over again! More than just some planks of wood and a sleeping bag the new wave of treehouse is a luxury affair of entwined bridges, fireplaces and infinity pools.

The peace and seclusion gained by sleeping in nature is something lost in everyday life. A need for adventure is inside us all, bursting to get out at every tick of the office clock, to brush the highest leaves with our fingertips whilst listening to the calls of the forest at dusk.

Peace and nature. A rare thing in a world of the ‘iLife’.

Treehouses today are an opportunity to break free of the cookie-cutter hotel and instead, up high in the branches, you’ll find something unique, something exceptional, an untamed spirit. A new adventure.


Treehotel – Sweden

Incredible treerooms with contemporary design, like the The Mirrorcube and The UFO in the middle of unspoiled nature, utterly at peace with it’s surroundings.
“Many hotels around the world offer guests the chance to get closer to nature, but only this one, in the forests of Swedish Lapland, lets them disappear within it.” – Clare MacCarthy, Financial Times

Tsala Treetop Lodges – South Africa

Set in the treetops of an age-old indigenous forest,
Tsala embodies the spirit of Africa. It’s is a magical place, encircled by lush forests and rolling valleys.

Tree House lodge – Costa Rica

Simplicity, adventure, nature. Built on stilts, this simple treehouse is submerged by the forest, a sloped wooden suspension bridge leading steeply to its front door starts the magic.

Kanopi House – Jamaica

Where an elegant oasis of stunning tree houses are linked by winding pathways. Through sun-dappled rainforest overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Post Ranch Inn – USA

Luxurious and romantic with dramatic natural architecture. A cool blend of rustic elegance and comfort.

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