A Single Lady in Venice


Ever wanted to explore one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, but always thought it was the romance capital? Well truthfully, it is pretty damn romantic but trust us when we say you don’t need a man for this glorious getaway. Here is how to do Venice as a single and loving-it lady of leisure.

Venice isn’t huge. It is an island, and many of the hotels are on mainland and you have to get a train onto the island from there. We say if you’re going to do something, do it properly. Two to 3 days is plenty of time to do, see and absorb the culture and lustre Venice beholds.

Where to stay in Venice

There is a real range of hotels depending on your budget, us at Janes though would thoroughly suggest Blooms B&B where prices start at £80 per night.

If you’re on a budget and want a seriously cheap break head to A Venice Fish Hostel. One of the few hostels on the island. Very basic dorms with shared bathroom but so incredibly central you can literally climb through the window onto the main walking street. Expect far from luxury though! Has a very Venetian feel and they serve a free dinner every night to encourage guests to mingle. There is always a pub crawl or pub visit after for those who want a bit of a giggle. Top spot is the Bra Bar. Speaks for itself. Best option for the gregarious go-getter.

Where to go

Simply wander the streets. You will get lost in all the little streets so keep a map in your bag, but you are lost in Venice, really, it could be worse!

You will fall upon the sights-to-see like Basilica di San Marco, Ducal Palace and the abundance of galleries.
 A trip in a Gondola is a must do, prices are around 70 euros which makes single hiring pretty expensive. Alternatively, flutter your lashes at one of its boatmen and they may give you a cheeky ride back to the pier when they park up around 7pm-ish? (Janes cannot be held responsible for the dreadful flirting that may occur in response to this request).


Your Venice Packing List.

A good book or 2
Lonely Planet: Venice
  • Some cute city dresses and sandals
Perhaps a gregarious gal pal or a few?

Check weather! September is Indian summer weather in central Europe

Want a longer break?

Jump on a train to Verona to blow your socks off with its beauty and Italian charm. A real underdog on the Italian map, Verona is truly Italy’s historical heart throb.

Do a flying visit in a day (return ticket from Venice) or best enjoyed for 2 or 3 with aimless wondering and lazy lunches in the central plaza.

Get a 1 or 2 day tourist ticket for under 15 euros which lets you into all of the main tourist sights.
Our musts are Juliet’s Balcony and the Ampi-theatre. One is also required to touch Juliet’s right breast as a lucky in love omen. She is a statue.

A love padlock to attach to the gate next to Juliet’s balcony. A simple ‘He’s out there somewhere, he just doesn’t know it yet’ inscription should be fitting.

A word from the wise:

No dieting is allowed whilst in Italy-the food is part of the experience and its WONDERFUL!
Let’s face it, no one makes ice-cream like the Italians so indulge and enjoy.

So come on, take the leap of liberation and book a single lady trip to the most romantic place in the world- we guarantee you’ll love it and love you for doing it.