8 incredible places where you wouldn’t want to look down!


Sometimes when we’re sitting at our desks, waiting for the day to end we think about jacking it all in and doing something crazy instead. Whether it be travel, adventure, or just fun, we think about what else we could be doing. But would you ever be daredevil enough visit some of these incredible places…

1. The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
Grab some mates, go for a bike ride…!

2.Cliff Camping in the Arctic
Climbers pitch their tents, hanging off a 4000 foot sheer cliff face in the arctic. CRAZY comes to mind

3. Hiking Trail, Mt. Huashan China
You would need nerves of steel to join this hiking group

4. Washington railway tracks, USA
We can imagine how it went “Come on darling, let’s just lay here for a little minute”…ummm…

5. Kjeragbolten, Rogaland, Norway
Would you dare to stand on the boulder? Wedged between the mountains 3228 foot above

6. Redwood forest, California USA
Climbing trees takes on a whole new meaning!

7. Pedra da Gavea Highline, Brazil
Brain Mosbaugh (the crazy man!) walks the high line above Rio

8. Moab, Utah USA
So, whenever you’re feeling bored ladies, think of Emily Sukiennik slack lining…would you rather be there?!

Images via earthporm.com