6 packing tips for the unorganised traveller

Holiday packing tips

Are you a planner or a panicker when it comes to packing? I’m the former, a list-making, capsule wardrobe, sensible shoe-packing holidaymaker. Whilst it does make me sound awfully boring, it does make holidays much more enjoyable – and I quite like it as a pre-holiday ritual to get me in the holiday spirit!

Packing is all about being realistic – do you actually like wearing that dress? Are those heels to high? Do you need to bring 5 different types of lipstick?

Most of us use a fraction of what we take, so save yourself the hassle by being stricter with your packing.

6 packing tips for holiday perfection

These tips will help you do up your suitcase with no problem, and leave you with loads more room for souvenirs and duty-free!

Check what you get in the hotel

Do you get a hairdryer, towels and robes? Double check so you don’t double up. One thing to note though, if you’ve got ridiculously thick hair like me, a hotel dryer won’t work, so invest in a good quality travel hairdryer that packs a punch.

Travellers packing tips for hotel

Don’t waste money on minis

Travel minis can add up, and you won’t necessarily be using products that really work on you. Invest in a set of empty plastic bottles (tip, they’re super cheap on eBay) to fill with your most loved products and reuse them each and every time you go away.

Make a list

I live by lists, I’d forget to buy milk 100% of the time if I didn’t, and I’m the same with holidays. List what you need in your carry-on as well as in your suitcase, and try to figure out what you’ll need to access quickly when travelling – passport, lip balm, sunglasses, medication and sun cream.

Packing tips for disorganised travellers

Pack comfy shoes

Are you going to be hobbling around Rome or Paris in 3-inch heels? Not likely! I nearly always default to my most comfortable shoes on holiday; it is just easier and more enjoyable. For hot holidays you’ll need a pair of closed flats and two sandals, one of which can have a sensible heel. For colder breaks, ankle boots, a pair of comfy flats and maybe some fashionable trainers will see you through.

Try your clothes on first

This is especially important if you’re off somewhere hot and the British weather hasn’t been agreeable recently. Do your summer dresses still fit? Do they need repairing, or taking up or in? Have a quick trying-on session a week or so before you jet off.

Travel packing tips capsule wardrobe

Don’t bother ironing

Everything gets crumpled up anyway! Rolling your clothes helps a little, but I usually check that the place I’m staying at has an iron, and then just iron as I need to wear something. I never knowingly do more ironing than I need to!

Come back to it later

Pack, make a cuppa, and then come back and check it over. I bet you’ll take a few things out.

Here’s to lightening the load! Happy holidaying 🙂

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