winter gym

Cool running this winter


Christmas is a distant memory, but those extra pounds gained are very much a part of our life today (we blame Ferrero Rocher and Baileys). Lots of you will spring back into your exercise regime – while others are looking for something new and exciting to make you feel fitter for 2017. The answer could […]

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Start your 2017 health kick in style


As the festive season becomes a distant memory, the dreaded detox commences. Record numbers of gym membership sign-ups will be seen in January but will they continue into Feb? Who knows! We can’t make you exercise, but we can help you fill your gym bag with some little treats and essentials that will make you […]

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Ditch the device or embrace the equipment?


Do the latest fitness device gadgets motivate you to exercise and stay healthy, or do they add to the daily stressors that exercise aims to eradicate? Go-go gadget Garmin, Fitbit, Strava apps, Apple watch: the number of fitness gadgets available has exploded over recent years. The wearable tech market is predicted to be worth £27 […]

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Fighting fit in February

Wonder Woman - winter fitness ideas

January is well and truly over, hurrahhhh. But it’s still chilly. And windy. And raining. And our high-fiving inner fitness goddess that briefly came to play after the New Year just wants to be in her slippers eating Galaxy. Fitness ideas Here are some fitness ideas to keep you going for the rest of the […]

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Look Fit – Get Fit: Workout Kit

Look Fit workout kit

We’ve all seen them. The brightly coloured patterned leggings and sports bras that are taking over every clothes shop, and yes, we really want some too! How do you pick your perfect workout kit when there are so many options to choose from? We Janes love a workout and so we have been picking out […]

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Winter fitness: festive training tips

Bridget Jones - winter fitness tips

With Christmas parties, drinks, soirees, nibbles, meals, fairs, bazaars, markets… Ok, you get the picture, it’s pretty tough to stay fit and healthy over the festive period. Here’s some winter fitness tips to avoid contracting scurvy and feeling like a balloon by the time New Year rolls around. Smash the fruit and veg In the […]

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