Going Vegan – want to give it a go?


Whitney heads to VegFestUK in London to see what’s so good about a plant-based diet… Eating meat (or animals) is something that most of us mainstream kids are not brought up to question. It’s a simple fact that chicken nuggets, Mum’s spaghetti and a burger at your mate’s barbecue are all deliciously normal parts of […]

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Eat your greens! World Vegetarian Day


Be honest now. How many of your main meals in a week contain meat as an ingredient? All? Around half? How about none? Whether you eat it or you don’t, we’re sure Holly will tempt you with her veggie meal-time treats! It might be hard to imagine if you are a meat eater, but you […]

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Veggie-to-go: Linda McCartney meat-free challenge

inda McCartney Biryani

If you think conjuring up tasty vegetarian meals has to be hard work, then think again! Classic veggie brand Linda McCartney has had a bit of a makeover with some exciting new frozen vegetarian meal options. Perfect for throwing together a healthy veggie meal after a long day at work. The team at Linda McCartney […]

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Meat-free marvels: National Vegetarian Week

National Vegetarian Week

Going veggie – even for just a few days a week – has become more popular with recent food trends (not to mention the beautiful rainbow bowls of veggies that flood Instagram). For National Vegetarian Week (16-24 May), we’re trying some goodies from Linda McCartney’s easy frozen range, which we’ll be reviewing next week. In […]

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Tibits London Review: Vegetarian Restaurant


With over 1.2 million people in the UK today following a vegetarian diet it surprises us that there are not more dedicated restaurants, serving vege food, with amazing style! We’re the first to admit that a divine steak or the odd McChicken sandwich has a special place in our hearts but if you’re feeling like […]

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