City Breaks: Bath


Your airbnb is booked, you’ve got your transport sorted, now all you need to do is plan you want to do when you get to Bath. Let us help you out, from wonderful places to visit, to the best cafes, check out our city break guide to Bath. WHAT TO SEE/DO: THE ROMAN BATHS A […]

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Shader: Portable Shade & Sun Protection


There’s nothing better than spending a hot summer’s day sunbathing on the beach. But when you want to read your book, or check your phone, the sun’s brightness can be a real issue. Don’t worry though, because there’s an easy solution: the innovative Shader, a device that offers both portable shade and personal sun protection. […]

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Sponsored Video: Norwegian Reward


Imagine if there was a way to turn everyday spending into free flights and perks, well thanks to Norwegian airlines unique loyalty programme, now there is! Norwegian Reward allows its members to earn CashPoints when they buy flight tickets, stay at hotels, or rent a car. It might sound a little too good to be true, but it’s not! […]

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The ‘Instagrammability’ holiday factor

How do you typically pick where to go on holiday? Are you looking for the best deal for your money? Somewhere with great weather? A place with few tourists? To be fair, there’s a lot of factors at stake, but it turns out the most important thing millennials consider when choosing a vacation destination is how Instagrammable it […]

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3 beautiful day trips 1 hour from London


Is London life getting a bit too much? We understand completely. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the city doesn’t seem all that great. So before you end up punching the bloke who stole your seat on the tube, why not plan a day trip away instead. Now, not all of us can pull a ‘Made […]

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City Breaks: Edinburgh


It’s easy to see why people fall in love with Scotland’s capital city. From the history-soaked cobble streets of the Old Town to the glorious elegance of the Georgian New Town, Edinburgh deserves its reputation as one of the most compelling cities in the world. Your airbnb is booked, you’ve got your transport sorted, now all you need to […]

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Lonely Planet’s world’s best cities revealed


It’s that wonderful time of year when you start planning where to go for your summer holidays. With so many stunning cities to choose from these days, we all need a bit of help choosing the best place to go. If there’s one travel guide we always check out for advice it’s Lonely Planet and […]

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Australia Day 2017: Did You Know…?

Australia Day Opera House

Every year, on the 26th January, Australia celebrates its existence with a national holiday. This might mean a simple barbie in the local park with your fam. It could be a street party, with goon, snags and a few rounds of bin cricket. But it also encourages many antipodeans to question what it means exactly […]

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Bridge Approach, London

bridge approach street

Sometimes travel doesn’t need to be far-flung or exotic. Often the most interesting discoveries are a few steps away from our front door or workplace. Our writer Claudia takes a look at one of her favourite streets in London: Bridge Approach. When you think of a street, you think of a pavement and a road. […]

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Sponsored Video: VIENNA/NOW


Are you in the midst of planning a short break away but still deciding on the location? We suggest you head to the beautiful Austrian city of Vienna! If you’re on the hunt for unique charm, traditional and modern features, spacious squares, old buildings, delightful narrow streets, and parks around every corner, then Vienna is the […]

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City Breaks: Porto


If you’re looking for an autumnal city break the delightful city of Porto in Portugal could tick all the boxes. Don’t be fooled (or hideously insult anyone) thinking Portugal is similar to its neighbour Spain, they’re very different. Here are our tips on exploring Porto… PUTTING THE PORT IN PORTO: Clue is in the title […]

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Jersey: the perfect Autumn getaway


Are you itching to have one last weekend away before winter really kicks in? Big city breaks are fantastic, but there is a little haven closer to home and only a 50-minute flight from London. The Channel Islands are just 14 miles off France and are often forgotten when you are scrolling through the usual […]

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