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Sponsored Video: Wilkinson Sword ‘Sword Play’


Wilkinson Sword have long been established as the go to British razor brand for men and now for women, it’s heritage starting point and foundations laid in 1772 when they became the sword manufacturer for the British Army. Precision and craft has long been a part of the Wilkinson Sword DNA and they carry that […]

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Sponsored Video: Reebok ‘Be More Human’

The success of last weekends Superbowl is well documented. Not only were we ignored by the men in our lives for the whole of Sunday night, but the Superbowl half-time adverts were of course the talk of the town. Reebok were one such brand with their new campaign ‘Be More Human‘. There has been a […]

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Sponsored: Step into Christmas With Very.co.uk

Very Advert

It’s this time of year when we all start to feel a little Christmas present panic bubbling to the surface, when hoards of Christmas shoppers start to flood to the shops come rain or shine and nothing will deter the masses. Dreading it? Well have no fear, very.co.uk is here! Very.co.uk ambassador, the lovely Fearne […]

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Sponsored: Sauza Sparkling Margarita


A sparkling margarita, a wild river, and a seriously hot cowboy who makes it his goal in life to be your perfect gentleman. Sauza Sparkling Margarita has made our day! There is nothing quite like a cold glass of bubbly and some juicy gossip to help you relax after a long day, the feeling of […]

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Sponsored: American Express Everyday Card


With every day life being a tad mundane sometimes, when household and parenting chores are coming out of our ears and our credit cards seem to be required for more and more things, we need a little light at the end of our everyday financial tunnel!! Well, the new American Express Everyday Card gives you rewards you […]

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Sponsored Video: La Redoute Language of Love

Have you ever wondered why, in the UK, all the grand gestures of love we make seem to only come on special occasions? A card on Valentines Day because it’s expected, flowers on Mother’s Day, a hug at Christmas that doesn’t last as long as you’d like, or even a proposal that happens on your […]

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Sponsored: WASA Swedish crackers


Staying fit the Swedish way! The Swedish culture can be quite inspirational! A healthier work-life balance, a more natural lifestyle and fueling an appetite for life with Wasa. For those who are constantly on the lookout for a healthy snack or something light of lunch you’ll be pleased to hear that Swedish cracker brand WASA […]

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House of Fraser Style my Upstage


It’s that time of year when weddings are all around once again! We’re on the hunt for dresses, hats, bags and shoes, and are wanting to make an impact in all the right ways! Without wearing white or upstaging the bride obviously! But there is one fashion battle that the majority of the guests are […]

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Sponsored: Gillette Venus Snap


We are all familiar with those moments when we want to do something spontaneous and it suddenly dawns on us that it’s been a rather questionable amount of time since we shaved our legs. Prickly legs do not make great spontaneous moments! Hmm. Well, the clever people at Gillette have come up with a pretty […]

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Bristan Showers

Whilst we all crave the perfect shower, including temperate, pressure and of course surroundings, we often never think about the type of shower that we are using. Bristan are one such brand that many of you have never heard of, but now it is in your mind, you will notice them everywhere! One of the […]

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The Charlotte Crosby Experience


Geordie Shore lass and Celebrity Big Brother winner Charlotte Crosby is usually found ‘slut-dropping’ whilst downing shots in various party haunts, but now she swaps the nightclubs of Newcastle for some of the world’s most extraordinary communities and embarks on a life changing journey… New TLC reality show The Charlotte Crosby Experience sees the loveable […]

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Sponsored: Playing House. 2 friends. 1 baby. No clue.


On April 29 USA Network will première their latest brand spanking new comedy, Playing House. Featuring Jessica St. Clair (Bridesmaids) and Lennon Parham (Confessions of a Shopaholic), it looks like it may be our new laugh-out-loud go to! Maggie Caruso (Parham) and Emma Crawford (St. Clair) have been best friends all their lives. Despite being […]

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