Busy Girl Bakes: Banana Bread

Banana bread recipe

Banana bread is such an easy way to satisfy a cake craving – plus it contains fruit, so is clearly one of our five-a-day, right?! What we love about this cake is that it’s pretty much throwing everything together, mixing it up and then baking to perfection. This Mary Berry recipe has a final finishing […]

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British Pie Week

British Pie Week

From 7 to 13 March it’s British Pie Week. According to British Baker, 3 out of 4 people in the UK eat a pie once a month. And yes we know, how can we trust the 25% of people who DON’T?! To celebrate this wonderful week, we share some of our fave recipes. And if […]

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National Breakfast Week: our fave recipes!

National Breakfast Week

Nothing kick starts the day like a good breakfast – it’s a little moment for yourself in the morning, giving you fuel for the day ahead. It’s also a great way to wake up your metabolism before you’ve even left the house. This week (24-30 January) is National Breakfast Week. So to get in the […]

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Quick brunch: British Egg Week

To celebrate the protein-fuelled eggcitement that is British Egg Week (yes, it really is a thing) we thought we’d share one of our favourite quick and easy brunch recipes: Feta Eggs. Perfect for a late weekend breakfast, all these ingredients can typically be picked up from your local small supermarket store. Ideal for those weekend […]

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Sponsored: World Baking Day recipe!


So it’s finally here and our bake was a success! Or so all the people who ate it told us! On May 17th we at Average Janes teamed up with Stork to Bake Ourselves Happy on World Baking Day! Check out our baking pledge here! We loved how our brownies turned out and they were […]

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Sponsored: Bake yourself happy on World Baking Day!


As May 17th approaches, we at Average Janes are teaming up with Stork to Bake Ourselves Happy on World Baking Day! In todays hectic, modern life the need to find some calm can sometimes be a tad overwhelming! According to psychological therapist, Emma Kenny, the physical aspect of baking has been found to help decrease […]

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Wholesome Grains & How to Cook them


We all know beans and lentils are good for us, but real alternatives to refined grains such as pasta and white rice have become very popular in recent years, starting off with couscous and quinoa and now moving on to others such as farro, spelt and freekeh. They’re just as substantial as traditional carbohydrates as […]

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Busy Girl Bakes: Peanut Butter Squares recipe


Crunchy, crumbly, salty-sweet – all the best textures and flavours are in these indulgent little bites. They are really easy to make, and keep for ages in the fridge – perfect for when it’s your turn to take something into the office, easy for kid’s birthday parties, or just keep them squirrelled away for when […]

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Busy Girl Bakes: Blueberry Cloud recipe


Sometimes even the busiest girls need time out to create something a bit special! This gorgeous cheesecake-cupcake recipe from ‘Cookie Girl’ Xanthe Milton takes a bit more time and effort to make, but the scrumptious results are absolutely worth it, trust us! Biscuity bases are topped with a lemon-cheesecake sponge, filled with jam and spread […]

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Creme Egg Brownies Recipe


Easter is all about, total, full on, chocolate gluttony. Isn’t it? Well this recipe for seasonal, chocolate brownies most definitely is! Wrap them up for alternative Easter gifts or lay them out on the table for some very happy visitors, or even sit and scoff the lot on the sofa all to yourself- either way […]

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Busy Girl Bakes: Choc Chip Cookies recipe


Gooey, crumbly, dark chocolate cookies, stuffed with chocolate chips, which take less than an hour to make – what more can a busy girl ask for! This delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe is created by Nigella herself, and it really does live up to those expectations! Once you’ve prepared and measured the ingredients it’s simply […]

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