New Year Resolutions

Start your 2017 health kick in style


As the festive season becomes a distant memory, the dreaded detox commences. Record numbers of gym membership sign-ups will be seen in January but will they continue into Feb? Who knows! We can’t make you exercise, but we can help you fill your gym bag with some little treats and essentials that will make you […]

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New Year Anti-Resolutions

New Year anti-resolutions wine drinking

Whether you like them or not, New Year Resolutions are one of the oldest traditions associated with this time of year. The favourites are usually to do with giving up alcohol or exercising more, but some of the simpler ones could be anything – from learning a new skill to opening doors for people you […]

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January Joggers & Random Stoppers


There is a phenomenon that happens at the birth of every New Year. It has nearly every man, woman and child in a flurry. It is self inflicted and often symptoms are fleeting. Mood swings are guaranteed. We are now well and truly in the swing of January, the season of fitness freak-outs and sales […]

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