Six product Sunday Makeup


You know how it is, you’ve been working all week and having to look somewhat presentable and then Saturday night you have overdone it with the glitter and fake eyelashes. Sundays are the one day of the week you can let your skin breath and keep things a lot more natural. However, if you are […]

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Cool Halloween Makeup

Halloween Makeup

It’s that time of year when we’re all reaching for the fangs and channelling Bella Swan. Wanting to make a Halloween makeup statement enough to make people turn and stare…or maybe just scare our neighbours. So here we have found some seriously cool and rather scary Halloween make up looks to inspire you this hallows […]

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Budget vs Blowout: Concealers


The next instalment of Budget vs. Blowout and we have two amazing concealers to review for you! Bobbi Brown Corrector £19.00 Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer £19.00 Bobbi Brown concealers have become a base essential in many beauty lovers kit over the last few years, and we happen to be one of their converts. We use […]

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Spring Makeup


Finally, spring is here! Not only does it mean beer gardens, sunnies and cider but it also means we can showcase some new spring looks with dewy, natural not-so natural make-up! Spring base First up, this time of year we want to achieve that dewy and natural looking skin. We need something that covers and […]

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Christmas Beauty Wishlist


We all deserve a little bit of luxury in our beauty bag, and what better time to treat yourself (or someone else!) than during the festive season with this Christmas beauty wishlist! These seven beauty gems will definitely be featuring on our wishlist. So whether you forward this to a beauty-clueless partner, need inspiration for […]

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The Beauty haul trolley dash


We’ve all been there, you’re having a glum Saturday, you’re slightly bored and you have the overwhelming desire to buy something. A desire that can only be fulfilled with some brand spanking new make-up. You pop into a few of your favourite beauty stores and come out with a receipt as long as your arm […]

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Lush L’oreal Lips


L’oreal’s newest lipstick range is the divine Collection Privée by Color Riche. Now we know everything sounds so much more glam with a French accent but regardless of its luxurious label, we are pretty impressed with these beauts. It is a collection of harmonious nudes carefully selected to be as unique as you, on you. […]

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Current beauty favourites


We love a great beauty product! Whether it’s to shine our hair, blush our cheeks or buff our skin! So here’s a little round-up of our current favourite beauty products here at Average Janes HQ! Hair Our new favourite in shower treatment is the Tresemme Deep Conditioning Treatment (£5.69), use a couple of times a […]

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