Cool running this winter


Christmas is a distant memory, but those extra pounds gained are very much a part of our life today (we blame Ferrero Rocher and Baileys). Lots of you will spring back into your exercise regime – while others are looking for something new and exciting to make you feel fitter for 2017. The answer could […]

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Ditch the device or embrace the equipment?


Do the latest fitness device gadgets motivate you to exercise and stay healthy, or do they add to the daily stressors that exercise aims to eradicate? Go-go gadget Garmin, Fitbit, Strava apps, Apple watch: the number of fitness gadgets available has exploded over recent years. The wearable tech market is predicted to be worth £27 […]

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Girls’ Guide to Golf: The Ryder Cup


Birdies, dance floors and fried eggs. No, we’re not suggesting plans for Saturday night (and hangover breakfasts) – turns out, these are all golfing terms. As the Ryder Cup kicks off this weekend, we thought we’d help every Jane get up to speed on golf jargon. By Monday morning, you’ll be able to join in […]

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Squatober: 30-Day Challenge


No Stoptober for us Janes this month, just a whole lot of beautiful bums! Summer season may be over, but that’s no excuse not to get perfectly perked! Exercise and fitness challenges have been all the rage recently for raising charity awareness. This month we’ve seen people doing 20 press-ups daily for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder awareness. […]

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HIIS: It’s not just for Rocky


Skipping ropes were all the rage when we were at primary school. Break times were the opportunity for mass skipping challenges, seeing how many people could simultaneously jump in time to a turning rope. The cool kids could run in on an already turning rope, whilst the really cool kids could Double Dutch! The benefits […]

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Pay attention to GB’s Paralympics Team

GB Paralympics team 2016

The newly retitled British Airways plane ‘VictoRIOus’ will be taking to the sky once again, to take our GB Paralympians to Rio. The GB Paralympics team are aiming to beat their London medal tally, having collected 120 medals 4 years ago. The selected team for Rio is a fantastic combination of experience and youth. Team […]

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London 2012: legacy or lost participation?

London 2012 inspiration

London 2012: sporting legacy or lost participants from sport? Our writer Harriet takes a look into this hot sporting issue. One of the principal reasons for winning the London 2012 bid was the focus on creating a legacy after the Games; to inspire the next generation of athletes and increase mass participation in sport and […]

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Battle of the Fitness Classes: Aqua Aerobics

Aqua aerobics fitness class

Think that aqua aerobics is only for the golden oldies? Think again! Our Battle of the Fitness Classes was only meant to be a three-part series, but our writer Holly couldn’t resist another gym class. This time she’s in the water. Aqua Aerobics: not just for your Nan When I spotted Aqua Aerobics in the […]

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Rio 2016: Super Saturday Take 2

Rio 2016 Super Saturday

The title should actually read Super Sunday, because in the very early hours of Sunday morning, Mo Farah, Greg Rutherford and Jess Ennis-Hill could replicate what happened four years ago at the London 2012 games. Here at Average Janes, we shall be staying up till the early hours of Sunday morning to watch – and […]

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Zumba: battle of the fitness classes

Zumba dancing fitness class

It’s the third part of our fitness class series. Our writer Holly has been close to passing out, ached for days and drank more water than she thought possible. In this latest attempt, she takes on the calorie burning power of Zumba. Zumba I’m a bit late to the Zumba party. I had never tried it […]

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Olympics Heptathlon Battle: Jess vs. Katarina

Jessica Ennis vs Katarina Johnson-Thompson

Here at Average Janes, we love a good bake off, sing off, sew off and cook off. Before GBBO returns to our weekly television programming, there is another head-to-head contest that will hit our television screens: the Rio 2016 Olympic heptathlon battle between our Great British female athletes: Jessica Ennis-Hill vs. Katarina Johnson-Thompson. It’s an […]

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Road to Rio: Olympic women to watch

Olympic women to watch

London is handing over the Olympic torch to the Brazilians, and we’re expecting to witness the best show of sporting excellence in the world. Over the next two weeks, we will all consume Olympism in a variety of ways – from a travelling fan, to a television spectator, newspaper reader, radio listener or online onlooker. […]

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