The Mountain Between Us Trailer


A brand spanking new trailer has just landed for The Mountain Between Us, an adaptation of Charles Martin’s 2010 novel of the same name, starring Idris Elba and Kate Winslet. For those of you Janes who haven’t read Charles Martin’s fantastic book, plot wise the film follows Dr Ben Payne (Elba) and Alex Martin (Winslet) […]

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Find your inner app-iness!

Top mood lifting apps

Yay! We have made it through the most depressing month of the year! This should be reason enough to be happy about 2017, but if you need some extra help in finding some of that inner happiness you lost when 2016 came to an end, we can help, with an app for every occasion. Holly […]

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Australia Day 2017: Did You Know…?

Australia Day Opera House

Every year, on the 26th January, Australia celebrates its existence with a national holiday. This might mean a simple barbie in the local park with your fam. It could be a street party, with goon, snags and a few rounds of bin cricket. But it also encourages many antipodeans to question what it means exactly […]

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Cheap and cheerful January treats


We all know January can be a bit of a drag. Let’s face it, they didn’t coin the phrase ‘January Blues’ for nothing! However, rather than feeling sorry for ourselves, we’ve decided to share our top treats for cheering yourself up as easily and cheaply as you can. Get yourself back into the swing of […]

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5 books to cosy up with this Winter


It’s the perfect time of year to find some good books to cosy up with and enjoy some ‘me-time’. After all the festivities of December, the new year is ideal for making a big mug of tea, hunkering down and losing yourself in a good book (or three…). Our top 5 books to cosy up […]

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PICT – Scented Frames Bringing Memories to Life


Earlier this month a new online framing service called PICT launched, and Average Jane’s got a chance to review and give you our verdict.  Now, we know there are literally dozens of online (and offline) photo framing services, so what sets PICT apart? Why is it worth mentioning over the others? Jessie checks it out […]

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Book-to-Film: which ones get it right?


Book-to-Film, it’s often a tough call for directors. Will the film do the book justice? Will it be even better?! The Girl on Train was one of the best-selling books of 2015, and had us gripped. On the 5th of October it is set to become one of the best films of 2016. With Emily […]

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How to Hygge: A British Interpretation


Can British people embrace the Danish secret to happiness? Our writer Whitney takes a looks at hygge, the latest lifestyle trend, and sees if it lives up to the hygge-hype. I first heard about hygge (hue-gah) by accident. I was researching autumnal feature ideas for a home and lifestyle magazine, and found myself engrossed in […]

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The Summer Books Hot List

Summer books Average Janes

Summer holidays are coming (finally!) – the perfect excuse to fill your boots (or suitcase…or Kindle…) with a feast of hot summer books to while away lazy hours poolside, on the beach, or lying in your own back garden. We love a good gossip about our latest faves here at Average Janes, so we thought […]

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Stereophonics: Keep the Summer Alive Tour

Stereophonics Keep the Summer Alive

First the twang of the guitars and then, there it was; the unmistakeable, raspy, sexy voice of Kelly Jones. The audience were hooked from the moment the five members of the Stereophonics strode onto the stage – it’s clear to see why it was sold out at the Corn Exchange, Cambridge. The crowd was pumped […]

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2016 Festival Guide: UK


Festival season is nearly upon us! So we thought it would be fun to create guides to some of the best places to party this summer. First up, we will be giving you the lowdown on the best festivals the UK has to offer. The 2016 Festival Guide: UK From intimate acoustic evenings in London […]

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THEN AND NOW- Sweet Valley high twins


Here at Janes, we love looking at then and now pictures of some of our favourite celebrities. Seeing how the years have aged them, either in a good way or let’s say, not-so-good way. But for the Sweet Valley High Twins, time hasn’t aged them at ALL! For those completely unaware of Sweet Valley High, […]

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