beauty treats

Cheap and cheerful January treats


We all know January can be a bit of a drag. Let’s face it, they didn’t coin the phrase ‘January Blues’ for nothing! However, rather than feeling sorry for ourselves, we’ve decided to share our top treats for cheering yourself up as easily and cheaply as you can. Get yourself back into the swing of […]

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All-natural beauty all stars

natural beauty all stars

At this time of the year, we can often do with a little pick-me-up for skin which has been subjected to cold winter days and being blasted by central-heating. Not to mention the added effort of dragging ourselves into the shower in the dark mornings! Our all-natural beauty all stars So we’ve picked a few of our […]

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Sheet Masks: trying the trend

Sheet masks for face

After reviewing the latest face masks recently,  Sophie found out that the latest face mask trend if you really want to be on it is sheet masks. What is a sheet mask we hear you cry?! Basically, it’s a bit of papery cloth to spread over your face – think wet wipe with face mask […]

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Winter Bath Time Delights


The darker nights are drawing in and advent calendars are already in the shops (REALLY?), so it must mean that winter is on its way. As much as we love summer, there is something super cosy about cuddling up and keeping warm inside, when it is icy outside. Suddenly, you aren’t opting for a quick […]

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Give them some lip!


Whether you love to wear statement lipsticks or you not, you can’t deny that they are the height of fashion this autumn. You only need to look at Taylor Swift, Cara Delevingne or even lipstick style icon of the moment – Candice off The Great British Bake Off – to see that darker, berry inspired […]

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Treat Yo’Self! Our beauty splurges

Top beauty splurges

Let’s be honest, the British summer so far is a bit miserable and the news headlines are pretty grim – sometimes, we find we need a good old fashioned pick-me-up in the form of a pleasingly-packaged beauty product. Something a bit treaty that you enjoy pulling out of your make up bag on the train or in a restaurant. […]

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Festival survival tips: before, during, after

Average Janes festival survival tips

Chances are you’re super excited to be getting off to a festival this summer. Obsessively refreshing your weather app, whats-apping your mates to co-ordinate supplies of cereal bars and debating whether you really do need that extra t-shirt (let’s be honest, you probably won’t). Top Festival Survival Tips So we thought we’d share a few […]

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Post-Festival Beauty Treats


The post-festival blues are always tough to deal with, but we’re here to help with some beauty tricks that will get your mind and body back into shape after a weekend of partying hard! Post-Festival Beauty Treats: Whether you need to treat your hair to a little TLC, cleanse your skin, or tend to your […]

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