Drop Deadpool Gorgeous: Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds film promotion

Over the last few years we’ve seen Ryan Reynolds go from comedy joker to clean-cut hunk. Once the butt of every joke (yes, Van Wilder Party Liaison, we’re looking at you), he’s now rarely seen on the red carpet without a sharply tailored suit and has been picking roles that show his comic timing is […]

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A whole lotta Leo: his best films

Leo DiCaprio films - top picks

Leonardo Wilhem (no we’re not kidding) DiCaprio has had a pretty diverse career. We’ve loved him from his floppy haired Titanic days, but he’s done so much since then. We’d be as bold to say he’s one of the greatest actors of our generation. And now things have got serious. Because despite having several Oscar […]

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Ruling over us: the Reign cast

Reign cast - the gents

We might be a bit late to the Elizabethan feast here, but we’d like to give a thoroughly royal welcome to the men of the Reign cast. How this series has passed us by so far, we’re not quite sure, because these gents are hoooott. Reign loosely tells the story of Mary Queen of Scots, […]

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Farewell Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman 69

Alan Rickman, acclaimed British actor, died yesterday aged 69. Often seen portraying villainous characters, Rickman won a Bafta in 1991 for his role as Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.  Rickman was known for his many and varied roles in many much-loved films and stage roles. He starred as cunning Professor Severus Snape throughout […]

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