Staying fit the Swedish way! The Swedish culture can be quite inspirational! A healthier work-life balance, a more natural lifestyle and fueling an appetite for life with Wasa.

Sponsored: WASA Swedish crackers

For those who are constantly on the lookout for a healthy snack or something light of lunch you’ll be pleased to hear that Swedish cracker brand WASA have a brilliant selection of crisp breads for youth top with healthy things until your heart (or your stomach!) is content!

Some of their delicious, healthy crispbreads include…

Light Rye: A delightfuly thin and crispy crispbread baked from whole grain rye.

Sesame: Thin and crispy crispbread baked from wheat with roasted sesame seeds

Fiber: Was a Fiber crispbread is baked from whole grain rye flour

Hearty: Thick and crunchy crisp bread baked from whole grain flour and topped with rye bran

Whole Grain: Wholesome and filling crispbread made with three simple ingredients- whole grain rye flour, yeast and salt.

Multi Grain: Four perfectly blended, wholesome grains in every bite of Multi Grain crisp bread

Sourdough: Classic crispbread crunch and natural sourdough flavour derived from a unique blend of rye grains.

Flax Seed: Thin and crispy crispbread backed with 100% wholegrain rye and flax seed

You can top them with anything you like! From fresh fruit and yoghurt to light cream cheese and smoked salmon, get creative with your toppings!

To promote the healthy Swedish way of life WASA have put together this cute video, which contains yoga, some seriously good looking gentlemen and some seriously cute babies! Coo away ladies!!

This post has been sponsored by WASA crackers, but concerns our own opinion.

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