In celebration of the all-new Twingo, Renault has launched a brand new campaign with a quirky hashtag and a hilarious Broadway-style musical film that we absolutely love! Enter #TwingoFlamingo

Sponsored Video: Renault #TwingoFlamingo

The film follows a beautiful young woman (in a very lovely summer polka dot number, it should be said) bursting into song inside a Renault dealership, listing her demands alongside a ridiculously catchy musical chorus.

Her demands are long and quite specific but we all know how complicated the needs of a woman’s everyday life are, so we think she’s absolutely right! She wants a car that befits a movie star but is also understated and classy. Which is exactly what we want too and think we might have found it with the Twingo!

At the end of the ‘Show Me a Car’ song, a random Flamingo pops up. We’re not sure why it does other than it rhymes with Twingo, but there are also other additional films that showcase the flamingo’s back story.

The Twingo will set you back around £9495 and we think it’s a perfect little hatchback for an urban run-around. It comes with 5-door option and has plenty of space for carrying around your shopping.

‘Show Me a Car’ might not be ‘Let It Go’ levels of catchiness but it’s not far off! Have a look at the musical video below and use the #TwingoFlamingo to tell us just how catchy you think it is!

This post has been sponsored by Twingo, but written by Average Janes.

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