The success of last weekends Superbowl is well documented. Not only were we ignored by the men in our lives for the whole of Sunday night, but the Superbowl half-time adverts were of course the talk of the town.

Sponsored Video: Reebok 'Be More Human'

Reebok were one such brand with their new campaign ‘Be More Human‘. There has been a major shift in recent years which has seen people move away from the confines of the gym for their heath kick. Whilst people have always found health and fitness away from four walls, never more so in recent years has a lifestyle been pushed and even aspired to, by doing things a bit differently. Yes, you have the likes of Zumba and Crossfit, but they are still largely similar to the gym, even if it is much more fun!! We are talking more than that though. YouTube and the abundance of HIIT videos have made working out at home easier than ever before, but for some, even that is not enough.

The outdoors is a special place, in-fact the most special place in the world. Every landscape is different, presenting new challenges and a new way to push ourselves to the limit. Reebok are trying to capture just this. It isn’t about how you work out or what you do. It is the fact you are working out and pushing yourself to the absolute limits. To be more human.

It has long been talked about that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and it is our hope that through a healthier lifestyle, through a lifestyle of hard work and dedication, that it can inspire us to become better people. To become a better parents, to become better friends, to become a better person.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

This post has kindly been sponsored by Reebok.

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