Have you ever wondered why, in the UK, all the grand gestures of love we make seem to only come on special occasions? A card on Valentines Day because it’s expected, flowers on Mother’s Day, a hug at Christmas that doesn’t last as long as you’d like, or even a proposal that happens on your birthday. They always seem to come at times when you have other things to celebrate as well, never just out of the blue…just because.

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Apparently 22% of people in the UK haven’t said ‘I love you’ in over a year, only 30% of us say it daily, yet, incredibly, 82% of us have said we want to hear it! So where are us Brits going wrong?! It seems we need a little bit of advice when it comes to the language of love (a trait we don’t share with our french neighbours who are known to be ’au fait’ with romance!) and so La Redoute and their romantic French ways are here to show us how it should be done!

Renowned for their classic, chic style, La Redoute shows us that not only are the French great at fashion, they’re also great at ‘The Language of Love’. It’s about taking a leap of faith, a few minutes of courage and cherishing those around you and telling them why you love them.

Declaring your love is scary stuff is pretty scary at the best of times, but on camera it’s even scarier! We salute these brave people for baring their souls and hearts and telling their loved ones how they feel out loud. And we salute La Redoute even more for making it happen!

Cue an extremely handsome and charming French man reading the words that have been written to surprise loved ones…oh and cue the tears!

So, we leave it up to you, take some inspiration from La Redoute and their ‘Language of Love’. Say ‘I love you’, and tell your loved ones exactly why you do!

This post has been kindly sponsored by La Redoute

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