On April 29 USA Network will première their latest brand spanking new comedy, Playing House. Featuring Jessica St. Clair (Bridesmaids) and Lennon Parham (Confessions of a Shopaholic), it looks like it may be our new laugh-out-loud go to!

Sponsored: Playing House. 2 friends. 1 baby. No clue.

Maggie Caruso (Parham) and Emma Crawford (St. Clair) have been best friends all their lives. Despite being polar opposites, Emma is bold and assertive and Maggie rational and safe, they have had many an adventure growing up together. But now, they are in for their biggest adventure…a baby.

When pregnant Maggie finds out that her husband is having an online affair, best friend Emma decides to give up her successful business career and move back to their small hometown to help Maggie raise her baby. So, through birth preparations, Emma is faced with confronting a past that she abruptly left behind 13 years ago. A first love and an overbearing mother ensue.

Despite being polar opposites, Maggie and Emma are a team, best friends, and they start on a path of facing their past, present and future lives together.

A sitcom about the trials and tests of life and the bond two friends can share (in a totally platonic, with a baby kinda way!), a bond that can help them through ‘the big things’. With plenty of witty and funny dialogue and an endearing cast, this show looks set to be one of our new favourites! Check out the trailer below:

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