Mentos are embracing the festive spirit of giving and sharing with their adorable new “Mentos Mentors” video campaign in collaboration with BBH London.

Sponsored Video: Mentos Mentors

The collection of videos promotes Mentos global brand positioning, “Who Says No To Mentos”. The videos show a group of shy adults interacting with people they don’t know with a little help from a mentor via an earpiece. Unbeknown to the adults, their ‘mentors’ are all about five years of age and hilarity ensues!

After some initial surprise, the brave protagonists say what the little voices in their ears tell them to and soon begin to form bonds with strangers. Our personal favourite was Evelyn helping Chris make a new friend with a story about a lonely goldfish, it was like a scene out of the TV show First Dates!

Watch Evelyn helping Chris below:

The lovely Mentos Mentors campaign shows that connecting with people and making friends offline isn’t nearly as frightening or complicated as we first think. Even something as simple as offering a Mento can seal the friend deal, because let’s face it, who says no to Mentos!

The tasty mints can be treated like a real-life Facebook friend request, offer one to someone and there’s a high chance they’ll accept.

These days, we’re all guilty of spending too much of our time avoiding speaking to people we don’t know or pretending we’re busy on our phones to avoid making eye contact. But as the season of giving is around the corner, why not take a little inspiration from the Mentos Mentors and share your pack of Mentos. Who knows, you might make a friend for life!

For more information about the Mentos Mentors campaign, head to the Mentos website.

This post has been kindly sponsored by Mentos.

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