With every day life being a tad mundane sometimes, when household and parenting chores are coming out of our ears and our credit cards seem to be required for more and more things, we need a little light at the end of our everyday financial tunnel!!

Sponsored: American Express Everyday Card

Well, the new American Express Everyday Card gives you rewards you whenever you use it! What more could you want!

Along with their Everyday Card, American Express are asking everyone to share their #EveryDayMoments and have enlisted the help of author, actress and parenting mogul Soleil Moon Frye to start us off by sharing hers! She tells us about the roller coaster of emotions she went through when buying her first mini van after having her third baby! From scary ‘soccer mum’ stories to old lady nightmares to a minivan dance party!

So why not share your #EveryDayMoments and feel a little lighter!

Rewards can be earned with over 500 brands and best of all, there is no annual fee, and an extra 20% to earn if you use your card 20 or more times each month.

Some great highlights of the Everyday Card are*:
• 5% Cashback on up to £2000 of purchases in your first 3 months
• Accelerated cash back with no annual fee
• Travel and shopping protection
• Access to a wide range of events including music, theatre and film before tickets go on sale to the general public!

Sounds pretty good to us!

* Terms and conditions apply
This post has been sponsored by American Express but concerns our own opinion.

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