In an exciting new campaign, P&G’s SK-II skincare brand seeks to empower and support women to have confidence and control over their lives to change their destiny, whatever external pressures they may be facing.

SK-II: #ChangeDestiny campaign

The campaign uses strong female role models to encourage women – young and old – to break gender stereotypes, defy age barriers and trailblaze a path to success. All of which struck a chord at Average Janes, as you can imagine!

Inspiring role models: #ChangeDestiny

The inspiring faces of the #ChangeDestiny campaign include award-winning actress Tang Wei, who defied her parents to leave home at 18 and pursue her acting dream, Krystal Choo, an entrepreneur who created hit solo traveller app Wander, and VVivi Hu, Chief Strategy Officer at eBay. Just a few of the impressive list of women supporting the campaign to encourage women to take the path they want to in life, rather than the one they feel they ‘should’.

Skincare SK-II video campaign

#ChangeDestiny – Marriage Market Takeover

The short, subtitled video addresses the stereotypes and pressure young Asian women face to marry young (25 is shockingly considered ‘on the shelf’), even in today’s modern society. You’ll gasp at the description of the Shanghai Marriage Market, where parents post profiles to matchmake their children.

Keep watching though, as the young women take control of their Marriage Market profiles – sending short, heartfelt messages to their parents about the confident, independent women they have become – whether or not they want to find a partner with whom to share that destiny.

SK-II skincare campaign

Watch the video

It’s an inspirational message, inspired by the ‘miracle’ age-defying discovery behind the SK-II skincare products, indicating that DNA doesn’t necessarily mean a particular destiny for how you look and feel. Following the age-old beauty quest for product formulas that restore the skin’s youthful glow and plumpness, the SK-II scientists discovered Pitera™ – the secret ingredient behind SK-II’s revolutionary skincare products.

SK-II have poured their knowledge and expertise into their beauty products, studying women’s faces and skin over years to create the perfect formula which promises smoothness and firmness.

Beauty, confidence, strength

We all know the old adage that beauty is only skin deep. With the #ChangeDestiny campaign, it’s encouraging to see SK-II combining the desire for outer confidence (that often comes from great beauty products), with a campaign that aims to give women the inner courage to pursue their destiny.

#ChangeDestiny campaign

Find out more about the #ChangeDestiny campaign on the SK-II website.

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