We meet many characters on our travels, and generally none more so interesting than those working within the fashion industry. Most eccentric, and all very interesting, C by Covert, a new line of organic and luxury mobile accessories are introducing us to a new one. Orlando.

Introducing Orlando

Encompassing a quite over the top fashionista with a somewhat warped view on fashion and life. You follow his story and life as a budding ‘entrepreneur’ based in Camden, London, in a rather amusing tongue-in-cheek look into the world of fashion.

It’s an interesting way to promote your your product, ultimately ridiculing much of the industry, but we hope it will all be taken in good faith and people can chuckle at it as much as we have. As for the product themselves, if you are looking for a neutral and sophisticated way to protect your gadget of choice, the British based C by Covert are well worth a look.

Tickled your fancy?


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