It’s that time of year when weddings are all around once again! We’re on the hunt for dresses, hats, bags and shoes, and are wanting to make an impact in all the right ways! Without wearing white or upstaging the bride obviously!

House of Fraser Style my Upstage

But there is one fashion battle that the majority of the guests are not witness too, the one between the Mother of the bride and the Mother of the Groom and the underlying need to upstage the other!

It’s a well known fact that no one really talks about but we all know is there! So, preparation is key and the hunt for the perfect ‘Mother of’ style is on!


But have no fear ladies, House of Fraser has put together the perfect wedding boutique for you to explore, full of all the must have ‘Mother of’ fashion! So the dress, shoes, hats and bags are taken care of, as well as the essential accessories and of course, the perfect shapewear to give you a figure to die for! Trust us, head to the House of Fraser Style Boutique to ‘Style your Upstage’ and you’ll feel like a million dollars on the day!

So, share this with your mothers, sister, aunties, friends…in fact anyone you know who is having the ‘Mother of’ fashion-off!!

This post is kindly sponsored by House of Fraser, though all content and thoughts are our own.

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