Geordie Shore lass and Celebrity Big Brother winner Charlotte Crosby is usually found ‘slut-dropping’ whilst downing shots in various party haunts, but now she swaps the nightclubs of Newcastle for some of the world’s most extraordinary communities and embarks on a life changing journey…

The Charlotte Crosby Experience

New TLC reality show The Charlotte Crosby Experience sees the loveable Northern lass pushed to her limits, becoming a Geisha in Japan, a princess in India, and surviving on Walrus Meat in the Arctic to experience and embrace new cultures, unfamiliar situations and ways of living.

And any Geordie Shore devotee will know that she is an animal lover and her pet fish, Scramble and Egg were a highlight on the show, but meeting a real life Indian Elephant seemed to be dream come true!

She said, “It was amazing. It was one of the best experiences ever. I cried and cried. It was the first time I’d seen a proper, real life animal on the show and I got really emotional.”
But can the girl who said she “can get along with every one, anywhere, anytime” really survive on a different shore?

As she embarks on an emotional ride (expect lots of tears and noise!) we are able to experience it with her and what a ride it will be! The endearing 24 year old admits she “learnt a ton of things” whilst travelling the globe and going solo was a life-changing experience.

Seeing Miss Crosby looking far more ‘au natural’ is refreshing and we think the show will be not only an experience for Charlotte Crosby, but also an experience for us!

The first of a 5 part series of The Charlotte Crosby Experience will air on 29th April at 9pm.

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