As keen yoga fans, we know there is nothing more annoying than rolling up a yoga mat at the end of a session, it always unravels itself and by the time we end up leaving the gym, it is flung under our arms in a mess! But now, the guys at YoYo Mats have designed the world’s first self-rolling fitness & yoga mat, problem solved!

YoYo Mats: Self-rolling yoga mats

The genius behind the design, Aaron Thornton, is a fitness and yoga enthusiast. His goal was to design a fitness/yoga mat that would roll up by itself and stay rolled up tightly while traveling or in storage without the need for straps or bags, and thankfully he succeeded!

Together with co-founder Dino May and their long-time friend Yu Tsai, they created a mat that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

So how does the YoYo Mat work? The main part to remember is the mat has two different layers, the top and the bottom.

1. With the top side facing upwards, unroll the YoYo mat away from you.
2. When it is flat, give it a click at the end to lock in the mat.
3. Carry out your normal yoga or fitness session, the mat will not curl or bunch up.
4. Then, when you are finished, simply flip your YoYo mat over, and it will then proceed to roll itself up.

Do not worry about straps or bags because it doesn’t need it!

For more detailed instructions, watch this handy tutorial:

The guys at YoYo Mats have taken their idea to the crowd funding site Kickstarter, and with 32 days still to go, they have already reached over their $50,000 goal, with nearly $80,000 pledged towards the idea so far. This means that the project will be funded on October 16th and the self-rolling yoga mat will become the new must-have accessory for a work out session!

If you would like to get your hands on one, you can head over to their Kickstarter page and pledge your support. You can secure your very own Yoyo Mat for as little as $79 (£50) and choose which colour you’d like: green, blue, orange, or charcoal. They ship to the UK and the estimated delivery is November 2015.

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