Work/life balance – always a tricky thing to achieve! It seems we spend most of our time chasing deadlines, and telling friends and family we’re “so busy”. But with the concept of Danish hygge gaining momentum over here in the UK, we at Average Janes HQ thought we’d share some of the ways we try to get some balance into our daily lives.

Is it possible to get work/life balance?

Can we achieve work/life balance?

Average Janes investigates!


Pin down what you want in life – Deepa

What’s important in your life and what’s not? That is the key to me for work/life balance. I work in marketing, run a jewellery business on the side, write a food blog and try to have a social life! Try to pin down what you really want to do in life and what you want to give up. This might be giving up things you don’t really like doing, applying for flexible working hours, or blocking out parts of your calendar to make sure you go to the gym. It’s about looking at your life and seeing what can give. It becomes a lot less stressful to try and fit it all in if you give yourself a break!

Down time is also really important, Danish hygge is so popular at the moment for a reason. Do make time in your life to just do nothing, catch up on reading or just taking long, long baths. I like to have a totally free weekend at least once a month or lie in, eat a good breakfast and relax, it makes me a much nicer person to be around!


Appreciating the 9-5.30 – Holly

I am quite lucky in my job. I can leave it all behind at 5.30pm and pick it all back up at 9am the next morning. It really helps that I am unable to check any emails whilst at home allowing me to fully detach from my inbox. This is not to say that I am not stressed sometimes though. Working on a monthly magazine, I have 2 weeks of the month which are very full on with the production side of things. During these two weeks I make sure I schedule lots of time with my friends outside of work, whether it be out for a meal and cocktails, or having them round for a pizza and games night. I also love date nights with my boyfriend, going to see a film and relaxing, or even being super decadent and sneaking out for an early weekend breakfast at Bill’s. All this leaves me ready and raring to snap back into work at 9am the next morning. I think the key to a good work/life balance is realising when it’s time to work, and time to play!

work life balance

Finding a balance after graduating – Jessie

As I’m quite a recent graduate, I’m still getting to grips with the concept of a work/life balance. I completed my degree in May and before I knew it I found myself thrust into the working world. Gone are the days of sleeping in and binging Netflix because I just didn’t feel like ‘doing life’. So how do I combat the post-grad life blues and strike the perfect ‘balance?’ Well, I’m still figuring it out! Some days are better than others. We’ve heard it time and time again, but I think the most important thing to do is to ‘leave work at work’.

It’s essential that you don’t let your job consume you. It can be hard to find ‘me time’, but I’m starting to make myself do it. I’ve started doing more things I enjoy in the evenings. Whether it is going for a drink with some colleagues, writing a blog, reading a few chapters of a new book, heading out for a walk, or just watching some mindless TV. These things make me feel like me, and not just ‘work’ me. I’m also doing my best to stop talking about work outside of work. Sure we all need to rant and blow off some steam every now and again, but I found I was driving myself crazy talking about the aspects of my job that irritated me. Busy yourself with the things you enjoy and make time for the people you love, because at the end of the day that’s all that really matters.The world isn’t going to stop turning because you left the spreadsheet until Monday.

Get outdoors post-holiday blues

Get outside – and out of your head! – Becky

The easiest thing I find to get myself out of my head when work is getting too much of my work/life balance, is to get outside. Even just a 10 minute walk out of the office helps clear my mind, find solutions to problems, and remember there’s a whole big world out there. Sometimes all I need is that bit of perspective and it resets me. And as Holly mentions above, if all else gets too much, friends and family are usually the answer! An evening putting the world to rights with my friends makes every else seem much easier to cope with.

What are your top work/life balance tips? Let us know – @tweetjanes.

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