With Christmas parties, drinks, soirees, nibbles, meals, fairs, bazaars, markets… Ok, you get the picture, it’s pretty tough to stay fit and healthy over the festive period. Here’s some winter fitness tips to avoid contracting scurvy and feeling like a balloon by the time New Year rolls around.

Winter fitness: festive training tips

Smash the fruit and veg

In the thick of December treats are in abundance. Every day you say/hear “Ah, it’s Christmas!” and next thing you know is that the last time you can remember having fruit is from the raisins in a mince pie and some orange rind in your mulled wine. Our tip: have some fruit for brekkie and for snacking on during the day. If you start the day off healthy you’re less likely to slide and hit the biscuit tin for the rest. Smoothies and bananas will fill you up and clementines are good for hitting that sweet spot craving. Ok, it’s no chocolate reindeer, but you might only have one or two Quality Street rather than sampling the whole box. (Not that we’ve ever done that.)

Winter fitness smoothies

Buddy up

Find a friend, family member or workmate, to keep up your winter fitness with. If you’re struggling with motivation, doing it with someone else will make you more likely to do it. Plus things are way more fun with a mate to laugh at how uncoordinated you are in that gym class or have a gossip with while you work out. Make the most of a dry winter’s day and go for a walk or jog and enjoy the fresh air. Spice up your run/walk by counting the number of fit people, cute dogs, outfits, or planning your Christmas shopping… This is especially good to sweat off a hangover. Well, depending on the severity – nobody wants to see you throwing up in a bush.

Winter Fitness - Romy and Michelle

Get stylish

If your exercise gear looks like you’re auditioning to star on Jezza Kyle you might want to invest in some new gym get-up for your winter fitnesss regime. If you feel good, you’ll feel more motivated to get moving. Plenty of high street brands have jumped onto sportswear ranges so you don’t have splash the cash to look the part: try Gap, H&M, M&S and TK Maxx for some stylish yet affordable gym gear. Ask for some sports clothes from Santa and you’ll be more inspired to get in shape in the New Year. And don’t forget a decent sports bra, the pain of running for the bus with an unsupportive bra on is too much of a struggle without throwing in actual exercise. This crossback one from Odlo (£35) comes in a great range of colours to brighten winter days.


Take a break

With social media documenting our every move there is a sweeping epidemic of FOMO (fear of missing out). Don’t burn yourself out. Make sure you have some ‘me’ time, even if you just go for a few drinks after work rather than five thousand. You’ll feel a lot better for it in the long run. Last thing you want is to be a snotty mess and having to dodge the mistletoe.

Mr Motivator

Some of you will be too young for this reference so here’s a YouTube video clip of the main man himself…

If you’re crazy-busy and are finding the only exercise you can fit in is walking up the escalator, then go retro, move the sofa and try some fitness DVDs. If you’re strapped for cash local libraries even hire them out so you won’t get bored of the same one. We recommend anything with Davina in it (the queen of fitness DVDs), Insanity (this is some hardcore s*** before you send us death threats) and Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred (this has nothing to do with shredding your bank statements, soz).

If all else fails f*** it, it’s Christmas. You’ve read a blog on winter fitness which is basically the same as doing it, right?!

What will you be doing for winter fitness motivation? Share your tips with us @tweetjanes!

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