At this time of the year, us Janes tend to have a lot of Christmas gift buying on our minds and it can get overwhelming. So, this year we’ve once again enlisted the help of the chaps at Average Joes to give us some top advice on what to get the men in your for Christmas. We’ve got five guides coming out over the next couple of weeks to help you solve your Christmas present dilemmas. This time round, the guys give us some top advice on one of our favourite topics – booze!

What your boyfriend really wants for Christmas: Booze

Whilst so many of guys don’t like to admit it, there is a sure fire way to get us excited (and drunk) this Christmas, and this is of course buying us some alcohol! Cool independents and quirky drinks have been on the rise in the last few years and now we are really spoilt for choice. Here is our attempt to break it down when buying the perfect Christmas gift for the man in your life.

For the Beer Drinker

You will be hard pushed to find a male that doesn’t enjoy a good beer and with every man and his dog setting up a brewery, there are a load to choose from – but here are our favourite three. First up check out Meantime Brewery and their folding gift pack – one branded glass with four different types of beer including tasting notes.

Next up we have the ‘Howler’ from Honest Brew – loads of options and a great gift tube all for well less than a tenner. Last up we have the limited edition Camden Beer from Beer Hawk. Just 2016 bottles of this screen printed beer and it is an extra large bottle for good measure!

Christmas Gifts for the Beer Lover

For the Rum Drinker

Forget Bacardi, it’s all about a good dark rum, this is not 1972. The Caribbean has some of the very best rum in the world and one of the very best is Appleton Estates from Jamaica. We opted for the middle of road Rare Blend 12 Year Old which is super smooth and has a great metal gift case to match. Grab a bottle at Master of Malt for just over £30.

Christmas Gifts of Dark Rum

For the Eat and Drinker
By far our favourite on the list, in-fact so much our favourite that by the time we got round to taking photos all beers had gone apart from one and half a jar of had been devoured. If food is the way to a man’s heart, then food and drink will give you the key to his castle.

This awesome gift pack from Snuffling Pig is all hand crafted in-house – yes the beer and the pork crackling. Available in a number of flavours and with 4 beers and a jar setting you back just £30, it is a sure fire winner. Check it out on their website.

Snuffling Pig and Co Pork Crackling and Beer

For the Whisky Drinker

There really couldn’t be a better time to buy whisky. It really is in the ascendance with much work going to bringing a younger audience to the fray. If you need something for a first timer, the brand new Glenfiddich IPA is a no brainer. This new series is ridiculously cool, and being aged in IPA barrels it also has a much more kinder taste to those of us new to whisky.

For the opposite end of the spectrum and the Whisky Connoisseur then you will need something a little more special, so how about the Limited Edition Johnnie Walker Island Green which can only be bought in an Airport Duty Free. Looking for the middle road, then we just love Monkey Shoulder which is perfect for making an Old Fashioned! The bottle is cool and it looks good on any drinks shelf.

Christmas Gifts for Whisky Lovers

For the James Bond

If your man fancies himself as a little bit of a James Bond, look no further than this gift from Grey Goose. A personalised solid wood box with a couple of ‘shaken, not stirred’ martini glasses in side. Very swish… Grad it online now at

Grey Goose Personalised Christmas Box

For the hardcore Drinker

Now what about something different and perhaps with a kick? What about a bottle of Casamigos Resposado Tequila from none other than George Clooney. Available from Selfridges at £69.99.

Christmas Gift for Tequila Lover
There we have it, our first gift guide of 5 with the others coming out very soon! Whilst we all do love a tipple at Christmas, please do drink responsibly!

So there you have it – some ideas to inspire you to book a day out for your girlfriend this Christmas! Keep an eye out for all of our others guides including:

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