If you aren’t a morning person, sometimes getting out of bed can be the biggest hurdle you face all day. Ok, slight exaggeration, but it’s hard, especially now the clocks are about to go back and mess with our body clock. So we thought we’d share six tips for getting out of bed in the morning – it’s all about mind over matter!

Wakey wakey - rise and...zzzz!

The clock change isn’t so bad this time, as we gain an extra hour in bed, but getting out of bed in the winter is always more difficult because of the dreary mornings and temperature drop.

So here is our quick and easy guide to helping you get out of bed:

Turn the heat up

It’s bad enough having to leave the sanctuary of your warm bed, but getting out of that cocoon into the cold air is not going to appeal to anyone. Set your heating to come on an hour before your alarm and it will take the chill out of the air.

Get an early night

We know this is obvious but we also know how tempting one more episode of Orange is the New Black is…Put Netflix down and go to bed. Scientists now think that our phones and tablets emit an LED light that can stop our brains from feeling sleepy. So try putting down your devices for an hour before you go to sleep.

iphone in bed

Shower ASAP!

If turning on the heating isn’t an option, then as soon as you leave your bed, get in the shower! It’s simple: out of the warmth of bed and into the warmth of a shower. Just remember to wait for it to warm up!

Move your alarm clock or smartphone

If you can’t reach it, you have to get out of bed to turn it off (this completely doesn’t work if you turn it off then get back into bed..!) There are some gadgets on the market to help with this, including an alarm clock that flies around your room like a helicopter and one that rolls off your bedside table. We think the novelty would wear off in a day or two of chasing it around the bedroom, but in case you wanted to see, check out Clocky, the runaway clock.

Alarm clock

Keep a glass of water nearby

Having a few sips of some water as soon as you wake up can apparently wake your entire body. It starts all the functions happening as if you were coming out of a mini hibernation.

Don’t draw all the curtains

Try and leave just a crack in the curtains or a blind open halfway. The lighter the room, the more quickly you will wake up and adjust to your surroundings. After the clocks go back, the mornings should get lighter!


So there we have it! Do you have a foolproof way to get out of bed in the morning? We’d love to hear it @tweetjanes

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