Over the past five years, coffee-pod machines have grown in popularity across Britain. However, the typical plastic and aluminium pods are a nightmare when it comes to the environment. Unlike Donald Trump, here at Average Janes we care about the environment, and that’s why we love Volcano Coffee Works new 100% bio-based compostable coffee pods.

Volcano Coffee Works: 100% compostable pods

On average us Brits spend around £50 million on coffee pods each year. Now, as pretty much most brands of pods cannot be recycled, just think about how many of these little things end up causing environmental havoc in a landfill site. But thanks to the Independent Brixton-based roaster, Volcano Coffee Works and their genius eco-friendly compostable pods, there’s a solution!

Since the coffee company launched seven years ago they have been supplying top restaurants and coffee outlets with ethically traded and sustainable coffee and now you can enjoy their exceptional coffee at home.

Unlike many other coffee pods on the market, Volcano’s pods take pride in being biodegradable and fully bio-based compostable meaning zero toxicity. So, you can easily recycle your Volcano pods through green waste collection, your own composting or the standard rubbish bin. How long do they take to disintegrate? Just 150 days! Typical aluminium pods take around 150 years to degrade, so that’s incredible!

We were lucky enough to try out the marvellous pods and were thoroughly impressed! The pods come in three distinct flavours: Bold Morning Shot, Balanced All Day and Reserve Rich Sweet. Our personal favourite was the Bold Morning Shot, which we had at home before work and felt it was the perfect way to kickstart the day. The boxes come with 8 Nespresso compatible pods, starting from £5.50 per box.


Volcano’s Master Roaster Kurt has said it’s his goal to bring all that’s good about Volcano coffee to the home coffee experience. “We only roast in small batches which bring out the individual qualities of each of the blends. We are champions of ethically-traded coffee and now we have a pod that is genuinely recyclable. Never will you enjoy a coffee as much.”

Oh and don’t worry if you have a specific branded coffee pod machine, as Volcano Coffee Work’s pods are fully compatible with any machine!

The pods are available to buy online at Volcano Coffee Works and are distinctively packaged in soft matte boxes, colour coded so you can select the perfect coffee for your mood.

Have you tried out Volcano Coffee Works biodegradable pods? Let us know! @tweetjanes

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