Stretching, sweating and space to destress – hot yoga has it all! Never ones to miss a trend we jumped at the opportunity to join Hotpod Yoga for the launch of their Hackney HQ.

Turning up the heat: Hotpod Yoga London Review

Hot yoga pretty much does as it says on the tin – a flowing yoga session in a room heated to 38 degrees. Hotpod have added a twist with their cosy, inflatable pods, located across UK and European cities – they can even come to your office! The session promised to be more flowing and less strict than Bikram (the celebrity-endorsed hot yoga that has recently hit high streets), and an hour session rather than 90mins – which was more than enough for our first time!

So, is it hot stuff? After a friendly welcome, we grabbed our towel and stepped into the warm, dark pod to find out.

What’s it like inside the pod?

It’s a bit like entering laser quest – but fortunately a million times more relaxing (and much nicer smelling!) once you’re inside. The soft, purplish lighting and soothing heat create a welcoming cocoon, perfect for settling onto your mat and beginning to unwind.

The darkness is absolute genius. You’re less aware of other people than a typical yoga class, which we loved. There’s no need to worry about that front-row person (there’s always one!) effortlessly bending like a pretzel, while you’re still mastering Downward Dog. And it takes away any self-consciousness about being a (literal) hot mess.


Do you sweat?

Yes, absolutely! Your towel gets soaked. Your kit feels like it’s just come out of the washing machine. But don’t worry, everyone else is sweating too, and it’s dark so you don’t notice. Plus it’s good, clean sweat as your body keeps cool – not the school-gym-PE-kit kind!

The heat really does help with flexibility and gives you something to focus on, rather than getting overly-anxious about perfecting each move. To manage the temperature, we sipped water whenever we needed a breather. Afterwards, drink lots of water throughout the day to replenish those stocks.

Is everyone there a yoga expert?

Not at all! There was a range of abilities in our class, and the instructors are brilliant at talking calmly through the poses. We’d recommend having a little bit of yoga experience to understand the moves being described, but it’s easy to keep up. A big advantage of the heat is that it forces you to pace yourself (no one wants to pass out!), really considering your body and breathing as you flow between moves.


Would we go again? Definitely! We felt energised by the combination of aerobics and relaxation and recommend giving it a try. With regular classes across London and other UK locations, it’s a fab, informal way to experience hot yoga. For more information head to

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