Stressed? We’re never stressed! Come on Janes, how many of us have chewed up the inside of our mouths or had sleepless nights thinking about everything and anything and nothing –  or stuffed our faces in complete denial that anything is wrong?! Whether it is stress or anxiety at the thought of being stressed we must all, quite frankly, have a word with ourselves!

Top Six Stress Stoppers

It may be a slow path of self-discovery but here’s 6 top tips for getting you, back to you.

1. Exercise

Run, dance, stretch, sweat, whatever you do, just get that energy out. Remember when we exercise we can push our limits as far as we want or as little as we want, but we are in control of that, no one else. That feeling of control is gratifying and brings the power back into your court. We can’t always control our work load, our finances, our feelings, but we can control how far we push ourselves physically. You will find it will pull the power back to your side and pull you back to you.

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2. Positive thinking

THIS GIRL CAN. Believe in yourself. Write lists and compartmentalise on paper what you need to achieve and when. Set yourself realistic targets by placing numbers next to each task. 1 for urgent, 2 for tomorrow and 3 for end of the week. It will help filter your brain as we are only programmed to really be able to fully concentrate on 4 things at once. Clear the clutter, and breathe.

3. F&F

Your ICE numbers in your phone are there for a reason, so use them. Call a pal, go for a drink or a walk, but just talk. A problem shared is a problem halved and we must all be able to ask for help. Even indirectly with just a change of subject. They are your nearest and dearest and you can direct your mind away from any stress just by chatting and laughing.

Walk with friends

4. Weightless

Scientifically the most relaxing song ever written, ‘Weightless’ by Marconi Union is a sure-stop-shop for a sound slumber. Chuck it on your Spotify with a few yoga tunes from albums like ‘Ashrama’. Light some incense, run a bath or just snuggle in bed.

5. Time out

Give yourself some brain-melt moments. It’s OK to work hard and be a wonder woman but, you know what, it’s also OK to have an occasional lay in, a lazy brunch, a long-er walk, another glass of wine, a day off. You will be so much more productive if you treat your own time as yours. Remember you are precious and you are only as good to others as you are to yourself.

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6. Thank you

It’s important to be humble in our crazy lives and remember that no matter how hard things are, look at what we’ve got. When we take things out of our subjective head – when it is all consuming and overwhelming – and take a step out of the situation, we are able to see the facts objectively and everything slots into perspective. Then we can be thankful for what we do have. Turn that negative feeling into one of gratitude. It’s an amazing stress relief just to say thank you!

If all else fails, just smile. It is proven that if we smile long enough we trick our body into releasing happy hormones and alleviate any stress. Magic!

Smile - Octavio Fossatti

So chill, Janes, you’ve got this.

What are you doing to alleviate stress in your life? Share your top tips with us, we’d love to add to our list – @tweetjanes.

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