Hosting a few friends for Bonfire Night is a great excuse for indulging in cosy food, sipping a few warming spirits and lighting a few sparklers. Whether you plan on braving a bonfire in your own back garden, or are having a gathering before or after your local firework display, it’s a great night to wrap up and embrace autumn. Here at Average Janes HQ we love a house party, so we thought we’d share a few of our top tips for making your Bonfire Night go with the right sort of bang!

Off with a bang! Bonfire Night Party tips

Food to make your Fireworks Night fizz

Nell – @tweetest_thing_ Having lived abroad for a few years, Bonfire Night is a day that I love celebrating because it always made me feel connected to home. This year I’ll be cooking a really yummy risotto recipe which is delicious, especially served with a little crisped-up pancetta. I’ll also be tracking down some bonfire lollies or treacle toffee to have in my pocket while watching fireworks in a local park.

Holly – @holly_collas Baked potatoes are the best way to stay warm while watching the fireworks. An old tradition is to put the potato on the bonfire wrapped in tinfoil. By the time the fireworks are over, you have a perfect spud! Fave toppings are baked beans or chilli con carne – delicious.

Rhian – @rheeeena For some family-friendly ideas, make sure you have a huge supply of marshmallows to toast under the fire. Perfect for making s’mores – just get your favourite cookies and smoosh your toasted marshmallows between them for the most delicious sweet sandwich ever.

Sophie – @sophbennett1 I like to do one-pot dishes like a big pot of chili and one of veggie curry, with rice and bread. Much easier to feed hungry people than faffing about doing fancy dishes.

Drinks to make your party sparkle

Nell – @tweetest_thing_ I’ll be finishing off my night with a warm drink of hot chocolate with Baileys, the perfect end to any cold, autumn night.

Sophie – @sophbennett1  Drinks-wise my favourite party piece is vodka jelly shots. My (not-so secret anymore) trick is to get small paper sauce pots from a certain fast food chain and use these rather than shot glasses. A lot less hassle, less mess and the jelly actually comes out once you crush the pots. Dead cheap, easy to do and go down a storm. Make sure you get the proportions right so there’s enough of a vodka kick – but not so much that it doesn’t set! Yum.

Rhian – @rheeeena Top off your food with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Why not try a hazelnut hot chocolate by using Nutella, whole milk and hazelnut liqueur (optional)? All topped off with some chopped hazelnuts and whipped cream.

Entertainment for good, explosive fun!

Becky – Average Jane @bamos29 I LOVE Fireworks Night. The sheer pleasure of welcoming winter by wrapping up from the cold and hearing that magic hush before the fireworks begin. To top it all, I get the perfect excuse to bring out my inner 5-year-old by indulging in a sparkler or two! These indoor versions are perfect for house parties.

Libby – @libbymasters A simple party game that will help everyone get to know each other is “Would you rather?” Think of it as the tamer version of “Never have I ever” but still loads of fun and very easy to do. All you’ll need is to fill a jar with “Would you rather?” questions and you’re set! If you need question ideas, have a search online as there’s loads of weird and wonderful ones out there!

Rhian – @rheeeena Sparklers are a must have at any bonfire night party- no matter how old you are, writing your name in the air is still incredibly fascinating! And why not add some glow sticks to make some necklaces, bracelets or anklets. It’s a safety measure really, to make sure you stand out in the dark!

So that’s what we’ll all be up to! What are your Bonfire Night celebrations? Share with us @tweetjanes

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