If you have to commute every day, especially by bus or train, don’t think of it as a frustrating, boring time. Instead, try to think of it as a dedicated timeslot each day where you can focus, uninterrupted, on something that interests you or makes you happy – in other words, commute hacks to liven up your journey.

Top 5 Commute Hacks

We would recommend if you drive to work, there’s a few of these you could try, but for the last suggestion on our top 5, please just stick to driving (sorry)!

Top 5 Commute Hacks: making the most of your daily journey

We’ve constructed a list to help you beat the boredom and look forward to a bit of ‘you’ time, even if it is 8am on a damp Monday morning.

1. Listen to an audio book

If you get a bit travel sick when trying to read on a bus or train, why not try listening to an audio book? This way of taking in a book has gathered a huge following over the last year and it’s easy to see why. It’s a fantastic way to get all the enjoyment of a book while idly staring into the countryside or people-watching out the window.

Audible is a well-known audio book service, with thousands of titles from which to choose. A personal favourite is the entire Harry Potter series, narrated by Stephen Fry. Subscriptions start from £7.99 a month so it isn’t the cheapest of options, but well worth it.

Audible audiobooks - commute hacks

2. Call a relative or friend

Seriously though. When was the last time you actually called someone on your mobile for a chat that lasted longer than two minutes? It’s so easy to get sucked into a quick text or Whatsapp conversation to a friend every few weeks and that’s fine, but there is nothing better than a good old natter. If you have a busy home life, your commute can be a nice bit of down-time to call your old uni mate you haven’t spoken to in a while, or chat to your family.

5 easy commute hacks

3. Learn a Language

If you want to learn a new skill but just don’t have time on the weekends or in the evening, when better to have a dedicated chunk of time to yourself than on your commute? Learning a language is a great skill to gain and it’s even more appealing when there are many free websites to help you learn. Duolingo is just one of them and has many languages to choose from, as well as a whole host of games and interactive quizzes to test your knowledge. Gone are the days of boring language lessons.

Duolingo commute hacks

4. Do nothing

Yep. That’s right. Nothing. How often can you say you sit down and do absolutely nothing? The modern world moves so quickly that it’s hard to switch off and just relax. If you’re lucky enough to have a train or bus that speeds through countryside and beautiful villages it should be pretty easy to sit back and watch the world go by.

Do nothing commute hacks

5. Immerse yourself in an adult colouring book

You have probably seen these around bookshops in the last year and given them a bit of a sceptical second glance. Yes, colouring books for adults. It might look a bit odd, but studies show that colouring-in can stimulate the subconscious mind and allow the brain to shut down unnecessary thoughts. The patterns are so intricate and beautiful; this is much more than just colouring in. Our favourite one is the Enchanted Forest, available on Amazon for £5.49.

Enchanted forest adult colouring book

There we have it. Whether you are productive or relaxing, hopefully we have helped you inject some excitement into your commute.

What are your favourite commute hacks to relax on the way home from work? Share your tips with us @tweetjanes.

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