Yes you read it right, no this is not a joke! We take shower curtains very seriously here at Janes. After scrawling through the Internet for hours on end we have found you some of the strangest, funniest and downright amazing shower curtains. The bets are on that there will be at least one you’ll fall in love with!

Top 10 funky shower curtains

We’ll kick off with one of our favourites from the magical site of Etsy. It’s up here at the top because let’s face it; Monday’s ARE a bitch.
Buy: Etsy
Price: £52.39

Keeping in line with the playful tone, society6 offers up the sassy hearts shower curtain and we absolutely love it. Might have to bulk order these in for all of our friends!
Buy: Society6
Price: $68

For those of you that wish to keep your water bills to a minimum and don’t mind a little bit of company in the shower, head over to Urban Outfitters as they have the perfect cheeky curtain for you!
Buy: Urban Outfitters
Price: $39

Whilst some of us focus on cleaning ourselves in the shower, others enjoy putting on a show. If, like us, you belt out a Beyoncé number at the top of your lungs each morning, then you’ll love this hilarious Bath Tub curtain from Menios.
Buy: Meninos
Price: $29.90

But, if singing in the shower is not your favourite past time, maybe you would prefer the App shower curtain from Kleine Wolke instead, with it’s attractive design and cute little buttons.
Buy: Amazon
Price: £14.61

Now halfway through this delightful top 10, we’ve come to understand that sometimes a real boyfriend is too much effort, so why not get a shower curtain boyfriend instead! Here are a few to choose from, depending on if you would prefer ecrater’s abs, or Amazon’s naked silhouette (we know, it’s a tough choice).
Buy: ecrater
Price: £52.46

Buy: Amazon
Price: £7.94

Speaking of sexy men, did you know that incredible things happen when you type “Edward Cullen shower curtains” into a search engine? For all you Twihard’s out there we’ve found the perfect curtain for you!
Buy: Bonanza
Price: £38.52

In amongst the Twilight fangirling, we can hear screams of disgust from Harry Potter addicts, but have no fear because thanks again to society6, you can bag yourself a mischievous HP style shower curtain…
Buy: Society6
Price: $68

It’s nearly time to end this wonderful set, but there is one shower curtain left for you to see. We’ve saved the best till last, it’s Etsy’s stripper sloth ladies…
Buy: Amazon
Price: £20

Which shower curtain is your favourite? Tell us @tweetjanes

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